The media learned about new attempts to introduce a course in schools of Orthodox culture

The day of knowledge in secondary school at the Orthodox Church of St. Sylvester of Omsk

Photo: Dmitry Feoktistov/TASS

In Russian schools can still see the subject “Orthodox culture” for all the training. The authors modified the project that was previously rejected by the experts

That in Russian schools can still see the subject “Orthodox culture” for teaching in grades 1-11, writes on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”. Available publications was a letter sent 36 members of the Federal educational-methodical Association (UMO) on General education.

The paper proposes to evaluate the improved program of the school course “Orthodox culture”. Members of the Association proposed in absentia to vote on it until November 30. In the case that the project will be maintained, schools will receive the Federal guidelines for the study of “Orthodox culture” in the 1-11th grades, the newspaper writes.

This summer we designed the first version of the draft programme “Orthodox culture” for the study from the 1st to 11th class. Then the document was sent to the members of the EMU. In September, they rejected the project.

Now, as writes the edition with reference to several members of the EMA, most likely, vote for the “Orthodox culture”.

According to the newspaper, the course is divided into three blocks: 1-4, 5-9 and 10-11 classes. In the first class allowed to study “Orthodox culture” in their spare time, in the future, the subject proposed in the schedule. Among the topics to be studied can be detected “what we believe as Orthodox Christians”, “Good and evil in the Orthodox tradition” and “Christian family”.

As reminds “Kommersant”, now in fourth grade, students learn the “Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics” (ORKSE). The parents can choose one of the modules: secular ethics, religious culture, Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Judaism. In February 2016, Patriarch Kirill said that the Russian Orthodox Church suggested the Ministry of education to expand this course. The Patriarch then said, that are reserved for this course 34 hours were not sufficient and suggested to extend the course for the duration of schooling.

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