The militants controlled areas of Aleppo a day left 8.5 thousand Syrians

From the militants-controlled areas of Eastern Aleppo for the past day came out 8.5 thousand civilians, according to the Russian Center for conciliation of the warring parties. Slightly less than half of them – about four thousand – children.

“The biggest defeat since 2012”. Assad’s army liberated the North of Aleppo

As told in the Center, all left the dangerous areas of the Syrians provide hot meals and, if necessary, provide medical assistance. They are provided with temporary places to stay.

In just the past day, Syrian government forces completely liberated from the militants of the 14 blocks East of Aleppo. In these areas there are about 300 thousand dwellings. During the night, the army has continued an offensive in areas that are now controlled by terrorists.

It is noted that fighters continue to voluntarily leave besieged areas provided corridors. So, for the last day took advantage of this opportunity 140 militants. They are subject to the presidential Amnesty.

Earlier it was reported that the North-East of Aleppo fully under the control of government troops and militias.

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