Zakharova called hypocrites criticized the dance grooves of the Western media

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page in Facebook said the Western media criticized the dance figure skater Tatiana Navka and her partner Andrei Bourkovski on the Holocaust. She accused them of hypocrisy.

Beautiful figure. What is the secret of Tatiana Navka?

“Defenders of tolerance? Nothing of the sort! Hypocrites, and liars. Moreover, cowardly hypocrites and liars, work out a political order,” wrote Zakharov.

“It was you who mocked the victory parade in Moscow in 2015, calling it “a manifestation of militarism”. And when Ukraine’s shaved guys with swastikas and torches marching you in which direction to turn your head?” – she added.

According to the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry publication, criticized a number of the grooves may be “just skating to discuss.”

The room in question, Tatiana Navka and Andrey burkovsky showed during the show “Ice age” on the First channel on November 26. It was dedicated to the film “Life is beautiful” Roberto Benigni about the extermination of Jews in concentration camps during the Second world war. Navka and burkovsky danced to the song from this movie in striped uniforms with the star of David on his chest. Some Western media criticized skaters because they were smiling during the dance, and the room itself is called a mockery of the Holocaust.

Earlier the situation was commented the husband of Tatiana Navka, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He said he is proud of his wife.

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