The color of passion. What you need to know if you decide to wear a red dress

Many women dream of a red dress, some even have it in the closet. But only few know how to wear it so that other people delight just heart stopped. How to deal with such an alluring and dangerous color, Aify told the expert in the field of fashion and stylist of the project “ten years younger” Kate Gershuni.

Rule # 1.

Not to say that the color red to someone categorically is not. It is suitable for everybody, you just need to choose the right shade. The choice should be based on the color type of woman. If your skin has warm pigment, you have naturally reddish or copper color hair, freckles, green or blue eyes, then most likely, you’ll enjoy shades of warm red (Terra cotta, salmon, coral). Cool skin tone (gray, blue, brown eyes) suggests the appropriate shades of red.

Rule # 2.

If you wear a red dress, make sure that it was the correct length, lock the knees. Similar requirements to the neckline, which should not be too deep. As regards, it is acceptable, provided that you again have chosen the correct length.


Rule # 3.

The red dress is better not to use in combination with black color. More winning options: a combination with the same red, beige, Nude, gold and silver.

Rule # 4.

Who would you do or say, but you can use a red dress with red lipstick or red dress and red manicure (pedicure). There is nothing to worry.

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However, remember one little and very important detail: if your lips are “wearing” red lipstick, the eyes should be dark accent paint them as gently as possible.

Rule # 5.

If you use red, make sure that the skin texture were perfect with no rosacea, presecco and other imperfections! Use the most dense, covering properties of cosmetics: concealer, Foundation, powder.

Rule # 6.

Absolutely red dress to wear on the red carpet, otherwise you will just merge with it. In addition, I would not recommend such a thing for the wedding, because everyone will look at the bride, and you. To do so is simply indecent.

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