Cotton beard. How does the free school of Santa clauses and snow maidens

Four weeks, eight open classes, practical classes and the final exam is here and all know the so-called annual Perm school of father frosts and snow maidens. Traditionally, it opened its doors to the public in a “Business incubator”.

“Course no one is sponsoring — this is purely our initiative. We were given site and time, and we try to reveal in people, new emotions, to liberate and give them a real fairy tale. As they say, you have to believe in miracles,” says event organizer and part-time lecturer Regina Kudryashova.

Organizer and lecturer Regina Kudryashova. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Students, Directors and pensioners

School of father frosts and snow maidens in the city functioning for more than five years. All the classes are completely free and to visit them can be anyone with no age or professional restrictions. Recruitment takes place in November and in the middle of the month will start the first introductory lecture.

Kids need a fairy tale. Psychologist about Santa Claus and gifts for the New year

Classes are held in the evening in a spacious room in the center of several rows of lined chairs with comfortable armrests, close — projector, whiteboard and Desk. Future wizards started to arrive, half an hour before. Seniors, smiling, students, panting clerks with briefcases in hand, beautiful girl — who is here today. This year’s course enrolled about 80 people.

“So, what we have today? — whispering Perm like on your first lesson in school. — Will talk about the Christmas visits to the children? Oh, so scary! I’m still talking to myself do not put”.

According to Regina, for many of such courses is not a reason to pull acting skills and understand how to create new scenarios, and much more — learn to give joy and smiles to others, especially children.

This year’s course enrolled about 80 people. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

“Come the founders of large companies who wish to make a bright greeting to the colleagues, animators, decided to improve their skills, parents, prepares a striking gift for their children, and many others. However, someone annoying, and they leave after the third lecture. We do not keep anyone by force,” adds Regina.

Rhetoric and acting skills

Despite the short course of just one month, the school program is quite intense. This includes the basics of creating a Christmas pageant: the history of the holiday, especially the audience, training in acting and speech, music formats, etc. Speakers in school are two people — herself Regina Kudryashov and the head of the Perm event Agency Elena Timchuk.

Almost 80 per cent of lessons held in a practical form. Photo: personal archive/ Alexander Fefelov

The seminar reminds the old friends meet in New year’s eve. “One, two, three, light the Christmas tree! And where is Grandfather frost?”, — standing in a circle, in unison shouted the team. The applause of in the center of the room is out in the costume of the winter wizard, white-haired Leonid Gonin, one of the older students.

“When I go to courses, then immediately energize. There are many young people and the emotions that they emit, give me strengths for the days ahead,” said the pensioner.

And then — the endless rehearsals, mixed with laughter and merry shouting. Almost 80 per cent of lessons held in a practical form. The students are divided into pairs — father Frost and the snow maiden. Then, as if in the theater club, participate in free workshops: under the watchful eyes of colleagues on “the Christmas kitchen” perform scenes that mimic out to the children and spend the stressful moments.

After the lecture, students are given homework. They need to watch different tutorial videos on the Internet and read specialized literature. “Still time for one lesson is not enough to grasp all the themes,” complained the teachers.

Costumes are issued for the classroom rental. Photo: personal archive/ Alexander Fefelov

“The work of Santa Claus and snow Maiden requires, first and foremost, a partnership, and that’s the main difficulty. Our charges don’t feel each other, worried they do not have to supply as the characters. Therefore, our main task — to learn to transform into Christmas heroes,” observed Regina.

After the exam — in the field!

Retired Love Lapin for the first time decided to pass these courses. In her youth she often “Sabbat” Santa Claus in kindergartens and schools, but due to my busy work schedule stopped doing it.

“Tell us directly from “a” to “z” about new year performance, in particular about the work of breathing during a speech and how to properly apply makeup. Honestly, come to then in the New year to earn some money,” she says.

Pensioner Love Lapin came to learn to “poshabashit” during the Christmas holidays. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

At the end of the course, the students in the images of Santa clauses and snow maidens pass a final exam. They are preparing a presentation, a blog your new year project, greetings and contests, to protect given 5 minutes.

“We are not grading — all successfully pass the exam they are issued a special certificate of completion. Members of the jury after the presentation, analyze the work of each and say that you need to pull up where to add. Rather, it is a kind of self-reflection for man by which he will be able to draw concrete conclusions for themselves,” explains Regina.

Courses are free and to visit them can be anyone. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Overall, according to statistics, about half of high school graduates go to work on Christmas orders and participate in charity events. For example, last year the tight group of Santa clauses and snow maidens went to orphanages, where they were congratulated pupils on the New year and gave gifts.

“We don’t force anyone to go after the courses necessary to work, — tells Regina Kudryashova. — We give knowledge, and they will use them — is their business”.

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