The third shift will be. The new school will open its doors to children in Tambov

Olga Ermakova meets his son Denis from school when it’s dark outside, and all his peers have learned the lessons. Denis is studying in sixth grade Tambov school # 1. And studying in the second shift. Even more took him to my friend Pasha: he’s a year older, lives next door and is studying in the 36th school in the third shift. A call from the sixth lesson for him ringing in 19.20. In the evening after class, not enough time, nor a section to go, no friends to talk to. But parents do not translate children in other educational institutions. Near their home completed the construction of a modern school “SKOLKOVO-Tambov”. Here the boys are planning to go to study in a new 2017. All in all, the next ten years the region will be built 29 new schools, 55 — reconstructed from 26 schools will have additions and 136 will be renovated.

It’s a start

“The creation of new educational complexes is not just the construction of new buildings, the decision system tasks related to the implementation of the innovation scenario of economic growth in the region”, — said the Governor Alexander Nikitin, telling the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva on the implementation of the regional program “Promotion in the Tambov region of new places in educational institutions”.

Governor Alexander Nikitin and the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva. Photo: Administration of the Tambov region

Working meeting of the heads took place in November of this year. The issues of implementation of the programme it was given special attention. The program is designed for 2016-2025. In Tambov it with the big enthusiasm have apprehended and education representatives, teachers, and parents.

Today, 32 schools the educational process is organized in two or even three shifts. Of the 538 school buildings, 84 buildings level of depreciation exceeds 50%. Moreover, 6 buildings fully exhausted their service life. According to the Department of education and science of the region, only 307 school buildings are in satisfactory condition.

The program will take place in two stages from 2016 to 2020 and from 2021 to 2025. As for financing, for these purposes it is planned to allocate to 29.3 billion rubles. Of these, 20.5 billion will be Federal funds.

The first swallows

1 September in Tambov opened a new school is an Orthodox school, at their desks, which sat a hundred people. Now here is organized in five classes: two first, two second and one third. In General, elementary school gymnasium can accommodate 190 people, and next year it plans to open another fourth grade.

The Orthodox gymnasium. Photo: Administration of the Tambov region

Interest in the new school tambucan huge. With summer, the parents of future first-graders literally attacked the school to sign up for preparatory classes.

How to equip a workplace of the schoolboy?

However, the curriculum of the school combines two educational standard. The students will be trained under the program “planet of knowledge”, and as additional items are introduced to the basics of the Orthodox faith, the Church Slavonic language, Church singing.

Careful in school and to the selection of the teaching staff. Teachers were trained in the basics of Orthodox culture and faith. In addition, there are specialists with the theological education, the graduates of the Department of Orthodox pedagogics Tambov pedagogical College.

Currently, the region is working to create a new educational complex of the Polytechnical orientation of 598 pupils in the village of Mordovo. This is a future school “Polytech plus”. Active work continues on the construction in Tambov innovative-educational complex “School-SKOLKOVO-Tambov” on 2425 pupils. And this school in Tambov and especially.

Photo: Administration of the Tambov region

Complex “SKOLKOVO-Tambov” will be located in the Northern part of the regional center on the street cornflower blue. With the introduction of it into operation will be resolved with the abolition of the second, and most importantly, the third shift at the nearby schools № 1 and № 36.

According to the Department of education and science of the area, the new school will consist of 13 educational centers. All nine buildings will be spacious and comfortable. Each of them will be used modern technology, in particular, the system of “smart house”.

Through knowledge to the stars. Students with interest in studying astronomy

The school will operate a convenient system of control of children’s attendance and cashless payments for meals at the dining room, “the palm”. For students for the first time in the region will be organized food in the buffet. In the educational complex will operate an Internet café.

Who next?

In 2017 the baton, a large-scale school construction at the Tambov and working village Mordovo accept other municipalities. Two new schools, 1225 students each, will be erected the village of Bokino, Tambov district and the city of Michurinsk, as well as a school for 900 students in the city of Rasskazovo. In addition, it is planned to place the building on 150 training places to Multidisciplinary cadet corps, gymnasium to the Glazkovo branch Kochetovsky schools and the building for 100 students to Nikiforovskoye school № 1.

Thanks to the implementation of the program in 2017 in the Tambov region will eliminate the third shift training. And by 2025 the region will be created 76840 training places, corresponding to modern conditions. New life will receive 246 objects of educational institutions.

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