Steep route. How to find the erogenous zones of men

To believe that men have only one erogenous zone — you know where — it means impoverish their intimate relationships! After all, if skillfully go through the necessary points, the level of passion partner will just rolls.

Magic points

Despite the fact that any sexologist can the most common male erogenous zones, it’s not so simple. After all, each man of their number and location is different. And that is why certain affection, from which one euphoric, can be indifferent to, or even strongly not like the other. Therefore, to find and learn how to influence these magic points can only be experienced through.

Of course, you can always openly and bluntly ask, “What do you like most in sex?” And still try to show research interest and then your own joy from accidental finds will double the pleasure of intimacy. Not to mention the ninth wave excitation, a sudden surge of unexpected touching that secret place that maybe your partner did not know.

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Go the right way!

How to make sexual topography of his body? Quite simple. Only need to slowly explore every corner, listening carefully to the reactions of the partner. Frequent breath, sigh, moan, goose bumps, or wince ran through the body shivers — there are many signals that a partner may insinuate that your hands, lips and tongue walk the true path.

However, it is important not to confuse pleasure and pain and not taking one thing for another. Out of delicacy partner may be afraid to say openly, that those or other your actions are unpleasant. Therefore, women need to be in this business very sensitive. Initially, movements should be light, like butterfly wings. If the partner does not respond to them, you can go further. And if you sigh or ohnet is to try to gently enhance the effects.

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Where is his button?

In addition to the lips and intimate parts of the erogenous zones are often located in the following areas of the body.

Chest. The stimulation of the nipples taste not for all men. But all of a sudden your like? Try it!

Back. Especially the nape, which is also called cat’s place, for him cats hold cats during intercourse. Many men like to be petted or gently scratching along the back.

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Of the foot. There are points that are responsible for sexual arousal.

Under the knees. The touch of your fingers and tongue to that sensitive spot where the skin is thin and hairless, unable to give the man a special feeling.

The inner side of the thighs. Gentle unhurried caresses in this area will make him tremble with anticipation.

Recognition ear. Still, the main male erogenous zone is her ears. No, it is not even about their stimulation by stroking and pokazywane. Even though they say that love women, in fact the opposite. Not only that, to your ear, you can say exciting things, but you can tell something is very flattering. Against a thin and elegant (and at times blatant and rude) flattery will not stand, perhaps, no man. Often tell your loved nice things, praise, Pat on the fur — and then even the most brutal type will be gentle with you kitten. By the way, don’t forget to admire the partner immediately after sex — more sincere you do it, the you better.

By the way

The worst enemy of sex is boredom and monotony. How many kinds of kisses you know? Here’s a couple more: ice — when in your mouth from kissing is a piece of ice. And hot — when, before proceeding to oral sex, you drank and detained in his mouth a SIP of hot coffee or tea.

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