“Sweden ahead of schedule won the First channel Cup

In the match of the second round of the Swedish national team defeated the national team of Finland

– The Swedish national team on hockey victory over the national team of Finland in the second round match held in Moscow the Cup of the First channel.

The result of the meeting was 4:2 in favor of Swedish hockey players. This victory allowed them to score 6 points ahead to win the tournament.

3 points are scored the teams of Russia and Finland that on Sunday will play each other. If any of them catch up on points with Sweden (she will play with the Czech Republic), will yield additional indicators.

The national team of the Czech Republic points yet.

The Cup of the First channel – second, the Russian stage of Euro tour. In the overall standings of the Eurotour continues to lead Russia – 12 points. In the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden – 6 points.

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