Aggressive children will be sent to the doctor?

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Aggression displayed by children in school soon, perhaps, will have consequences. The health Ministry proposed to send such children to the neurologist for a consultation on a compulsory basis. Now parents can go to the doctor if their child has a problem in class, but it is not mandatory. According to the chief freelance children’s specialist of medical rehabilitation of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Tatyana Batysheva, bad behavior could be a marker of neurological problems that may require medical intervention.

The physician said that sometimes students behave in class with increased aggressiveness, offend classmates and get pleasure from it. Tatiana Batyshev noted that parents of such children can be encouraged to consult a specialist, but they may ignore the recommendations. According to the doctor, aggression can be a symptom of incipient mental disease, and if parents will be obliged to take the aggressive child to a neurologist — maybe it will help to diagnose and cure this disease.

“If earlier we identified some mental problems in the child, it can be adjusted in the future, the child may be perfectly healthy. It is important in this situation as early as possible to address to the profile expert. The community should clearly respond, and today neither the teacher nor any other person shall not have the right to force the parent to be examined by a specialist for their child. So this really is an urgent problem we have,” — commented Tatiana Batyshev.

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