Former communications Minister Leonid Reiman has launched a new project in Telecom

The former head of Ministry of communications Leonid Reiman

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/RBC

The former head of Ministry of communications Leonid Reiman, in addition to technology companies, “MTT of Groups” and “Group “Angstrom” showed one project in the field of communications. The company “smart solutions” was licensed virtual mobile operator

According in June 2016 owned by Leonid Reiman, the company “Tekhnoinvest” established LLC “Universal mobile technology.” The activity of the new OOO “services in the field of communication based on a wired technology.” According to the register of Roskomnadzor, since the beginning of December “Universal mobile solutions” received three licenses: for the provision of mobile communication services on the model of the virtual operator (MVNO — mobile virtual network operator), communication services for data transmission (excluding voice), telematic services (Fax transmission, e-mail messages, voice messages, audio and video conferencing, access to information stored in electronic form). All three licenses are valid throughout the country until the end of 2021.

Office phone company RBC confirmed that it belongs to the “Universal mobile solutions”, but questions about its activities is not answered. The representative of JSC “Angstrom”, the Board of Directors which includes Reiman, reported that he gave the former Minister a request to RBC, but the answer at the time of publication not received.

The Minister in connection

All professional activities of the former Minister was associated with the market of communication and telecommunications. Starting to work as an engineer, including “Leningrad city telephone network”, in 1994 he took the position of Director of international relations of JSC “Petersburg telephone system” (PTS). In the same year, Reiman, together with the General Director PTS Valery Yashin and structures of the Danish businessman Jeffrey Galmond created “Telecominvest”, which received shares of several subsidiaries of PTS. Control of the joint company subsequently transferred the Luxembourg offshore First National Holdings, controlled by Commerzbank. On the basis of these assets were created by one of the largest mobile operators — MegaFon.

At the end of 2011 the newspaper of the three countries, “Vedomosti”, The Wall Street Journal, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that the Prosecutor’s office of Frankfurt am main and the criminal police of Germany who in 2003 investigated a case of fraud in Commerzbank with the participation of Russian businessmen, said Reiman involved in the fraud.

In November 1999, Reiman had become the Chairman of the State Committee for telecommunications. When the Committee was transformed into the Ministry of communication and information (now the Ministry of communications and mass communications), headed it. This position he held until 2008, and then became an adviser to President Dmitry Medvedev.

Even during the civil service market participants called Reiman beneficiary of “MegaFon” and a few other assets, but he has always denied it.

Ex-Minister in business

In 2010, Reiman resigned from the post of adviser, and in 2011 became co-owner of group “Angstrom” — one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and semiconductors in Russia and Eastern Europe. From that moment he began to invest heavily in technology assets. Currently, according to SPARK, Leonid Reiman owns 100% of OOO “Group “Angstrom” (owner “NPO Angstrem”, “NTC it ROSA” and other assets).

Through the Foundation Alternativa Capital Reiman also belongs to the “MTT of Groups”. One of the projects of the company — for migrants MVNO Aiva Mobile (SIM card contains two rooms — Russian and the country of origin). While the “MTT of Groups” have affiliate agreements with other operators from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Finland. To work in Russia Aiva Mobile uses the network operator MTS. Recently, the company also agreed to use the network of “T2 RTC Holding”. Among the clients of the Aiva Mobile includes about 80 thousand subscribers.

Subject to the availability of current resources in telecommunications “Universal mobile solutions” will be able to start to provide services using the infrastructure of the “MTT of Groups”. In September, the company announced the launch of a special platform, which will launch MVNO companies wishing to develop such a model, but do not have the necessary infrastructure and competencies. But the representative of the “MTT of Groups” told RBC that he knows nothing about company “Universal mobile solutions.”


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