Bionic pancreas successfully controls blood sugar levels patients

Photo: Boston University

At Boston University (Boston University) researchers conducted another clinical trial of the bionic pancreas. The design of the smart phone, system of monitoring of glucose and two pumps were used in patients for 11 days (earlier studies lasted 24 hours and 5 days) and the results of the work proved to be effective enough to control blood sugar levels in patients with type 1 diabetes. Any special restrictions in this trial participants did not impose.

During previous studies, together with the participants was always the nurse, and juvenile patients had to spend the night in special rooms. This time limitation was removed and all patients were living their normal lives — doing household chores and went to work. It was necessary only to fulfill two conditions — to be near the patient lived an adult person could be contacted if necessary and the participants had to live no more than half an hour away from one of the participating research universities.

During the study, patients wore the device for continuous monitoring of glucose, which every 5 minutes send data to your smartphone — iPhone 4S. If the sugar level was falling, the smartphone gave the appropriate command to the pump with insulin and glucagon. Too strong a sugar drop and the no signal from the pumps and device monitoring for more than 15 minutes was considered a force majeure event, a message was sent to the researchers, who in turn, contacted by the participants or their contacts. Just clinical trials involved 39 adults, each of whom was diagnosed at least a year ago, and each of which is used at the time of the research insulin pump for at least six months in a row. All participants in 11 days have used the bionic pancreas, and then for another 11 days — familiar to control system sugar. In the process they were filling in the questionnaires, where noted, episodes of hypoglycemia and nausea and recorded what carbs eaten to cope with hypoglycemia.

According to the results of the tests were that the average level of glucose in the blood of participants was lower when they used the bionic pancreas — 141 mg / DL vs. 162 mg / DL for conventional insulin pumps. Automation has noted a drop in sugar to the level of hypoglycemia is three times less, and the patients themselves said that their health was better when their condition is controlled bionic pancreas.

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