“The most popular film in the media was the “suicide Squad”

For the year ribbon with the participation of Jared Leto and will Smith was mentioned in various press reports more than 6,600 times

Frame from the film “suicide Squad”Photo: Zuma/TASS

– “Suicide squad” has become one of the most memorable film in the Russian media over the year, according to the system of “SKAN-Interfax”, which analyzed the top 10 grossing pictures of the distribution resource information “IMDb”.

For the year ribbon with the participation of Jared Leto and will Smith that occupies 8 place in the world levies were mentioned in the media more than 6,600 times.

Second along is the film “Deadpool”, which was mentioned more than 6,000 times (7th place;). The third position is the animated “Zeropolis” with more than 4,300 mentions in mass media (3 for fees).

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Next in the ranking is: “Fantastic beasts and where they live” (more than 3.3 thousand references), “the First avenger: the Confrontation” (over 3.1 million), “the Jungle Book” (more than 3.8 million), “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” (over 3.7 million), “Doctor strange” (over 2.7 million), “finding Dory” (over 2.2 million), “the secret life of Pets” (over 2.1 million).

One of the most memorable Russian film according to the results of Russian cinema was the film “28 Panfilov”, more than 2.9 thousand of mentions in the Russian media (33rd in the list of highest grossing films in Russian theatres for 2016).

Slightly behind her movie “Duelist”, more than 2.6 million references (34). In third place is the movie “the Crew”, more than 2 thousand mentions (5th place in the list of top grossing films in Russian theatres for 2016 at the moment)

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