Media reported about the attempt of the commander to land the Tu-154 on the water

Search and rescue operations off the coast of the Black sea, where he wrecked the plane of the defense Ministry, Tu-154

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The crash of the Tu-154 over the Black sea

Search teams brought to the surface of the fuselage of the crashed Tu-154

Media called the names of the first identified victims of the crash of Tu-154

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The commander of the Tu-154 was trying to land the plane in the water, as evidenced by the destruction of the tail section, a source told TASS. According to eyewitnesses, wrote earlier “Interfax”, the plane was flying low for a long time, gaining altitude

According to the source TASS in the power structures, the destruction of the tail section crashed over the Black sea Tu-154 pre-show that the commander wanted to land the plane in the water. “The divers found fragments of the aircraft from the wings to the tail section. According to preliminary data, the damage suggests that the commander wanted to land the plane in the water,” he said.

That the tail part of crashed aircraft with fragments of the engine is detected, on Monday evening, December 26, reported the Ministry of defense. In addition, the defense Ministry reported that the divers brought and taken to the shore part of the fuselage with Windows.

As earlier told “Interfax” a source familiar with the situation, evidence and other objective data obtained in the course of the investigation, “saying that the plane could not gain altitude and for some reason — maybe Overdrive and a technical fault — collapsed into the sea.” Also the interlocutor of the Agency reported that, according to eyewitnesses, the Tu-154 an unusually long time was flying low, not gaining altitude.

The sources noted that the priority version is technical malfunction. According to him, we are talking about the possible damage of the units responsible for a set height or insufficient traction engines. It is also possible the human factor, he added.

FSB of Russia on Monday reported that the main production versions are getting into the engine foreign objects, poor quality fuel, resulting in loss of power and failure of the engines, and pilot error and technical failure. The take-off speed of the liner was 345 km/h, it is regular for this type of boats, emphasized service.

The transport Ministry earlier said that the priority versions of the plane crash are technical malfunction and pilot error.

Tu-154 crashed on the morning of 25 December after a few minutes after takeoff from Adler airport. He was supposed to fly to Syria. On Board were 92 people — soldiers, journalists, artists of the ensemble. Alexandrova, as well as the head of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka.

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The second day of the search operation at the crash site of Tu-154

In Sochi continues the search and rescue operation at the crash site of Tu-154, on Board of which was 92 people, including nine journalists, 64 musician of the ensemble of song and dance…

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