Not sparing the stomach. How to survive an eating marathon

Our expert nutritionist, psychotherapist, doctor of medical Sciences Michael Ginzburg.

Breakfast and lunch schedule

It is not necessary to starve in anticipation of a late new year’s feast. Than a full ration during the day, the less likely a rapid night RAID on a festive table with all its consequences: overeating and indigestion. Cooked food stimulates the appetite. It’s only natural, and fight the temptation to try all the dishes three times is possible only on a full stomach.

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The campaign for communication

Why are we in a cold winter night deprive myself of pleasure to snuggle in bed, and instead trudge in the Blizzard and cold? To eat? No! To chat with friends. So let’s for new year’s table to talk more. To remember the past year, to show off achievements, share plans, or at least pointedly for them to hint generously give each other compliments. The conversations will never the fact that the plate to fill in the second round, but impaled on a fork a piece to send in the mouth. And suppose that instead of a heavy meal are rich conversations.

Dance till you drop

Nothing saves you from the festive overeating, as active pause. Dancing, walking, playing in the snow or riding a mountain get rid of the unpleasant need to find a discreet zipper or button closure to the skirt or pants, when the last piece of pie well, does not find a place in the stomach.

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Food by degrees

How not to drink for new year’s table? Many will say that the most important thing is a hearty snack. And they will be right. Those who fear for the figure in the night, forget about diet. Drinking, not biting, not only bad, but dangerous for the waistline. Any alcohol on the biochemical level stimulates hunger and appetite. But compared to meats and breads, the rate of absorption of alcohol is slowed down, i.e. its concentration in blood increases more slowly as the desire to snack. But fruits for a snack or soda, the rate of its absorption, on the contrary, increase, then, is the want stronger. For this reason, we recommend drinking slowly, ideally drawing out a glass of wine for an hour.

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The water cycle in nature

Fearlessly scarykiuys on the scales in the first days of January, to see what I would like, at the risk even those who closely followed the amount of food eaten. No need to panic! One or two extra holiday pounds – not more than water. Remember the festive pickles, one gram of salt holds 100 ml of water. Holds water and alcohol. And even sugar. Therefore, the main diet wisdom in pokazatelniy days – more green tea, vegetables that remove liquid (zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus) and brown rice, as well as temporary restriction of salt and salty sauces.

Margarita Suhankina:

The first and most important rule new year’s feast – don’t overeat! Although in the New year, it is definitely not easy. The second is to be careful in the choice of products. We decided to treat ourselves for the New year, I bought a jar of black caviar at exorbitant prices, made sandwiches, took a bite… And taste so… well, I ended up in the trash. Be careful!

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