Several dozen Russians stranded at Dubai airport due to fog

Photo: Tony Margiocchi/BarcroftMedia/TASS

About a hundred Russians and Ukrainians are stuck in the airport in Dubai waiting for connecting flights or flights home, said one of the passengers. The company FlyDubai confirmed the information of delayed flights

About 50 flew to Dubai, Russians can not leave the airport terminal due to delayed flights, told RBC one of the passengers Sergey Kurakov, for the entire day waiting for the flight to Bangkok.

According to him, representatives of the company explain the delay poor visibility due to fog. “Officially they say it’s fog, but other airlines fly away” — he said.

The Kurakov said that just at the airport waiting for the flight at least 50 Russians and as many citizens of Ukraine. He also said that he was at the airport for the day, but it “has not been placed in the hotel, even for money.” “We only organized the food,” he concluded.

In General, we are talking about delays of passengers for a period of from several hours to several days, said the Kurakov.

As have informed RBC in the contact center FlyDubai, the airline know about delayed flights. “We get a lot of emails about flight delays in Dubai. This is due to the weather conditions. Now there is heavy fog. On other airlines we do not have information,” said there. Delayed flights, in particular, in Russia and Zimbabwe, the company said.

The Consulate General of Russia in the United Arab Emirates have informed RBC that the situation with delays has lasted for five days. The reason is the nebula, which is not typical for this country at this time of year. Basically, according to the Embassy, delayed flights low cost airline AirArabia, there have been several flights of FlyDubai. In just these few days problems with the flight had about 500 Russians, today in Sharjah, there are about 100 Russians.

The problem, noted in the Embassy, that the airport building is very small, the hotel too — she is unable to accept all as, except the Russians, the problem concerned, in particular, Ukrainians and citizens of Kazakhstan. Saturday, January 1 weather conditions, according to forecasts, should improve and the problem will be solved, assured at the Consulate.

Responsibility for delays due to weather conditions are the responsibility of the carrier, told RBC Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

“If the bad weather conditions, the carrier shall provide lodging and meals as long as the weather does not improve, if delay is more than 5 hours and affect night. You need to obtain from representatives of Fly Dubai, so they immediately took action. They need all the passengers to feed and give them free places in the hotel and deliver”, she said.

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