Together or apart? How could the fate of the famous movie stars

Let’s see what psychological types are our favorites. Having identified this, it is possible to choose, for someone like yourself. And then learning how, based on their psychological portrait, and could form the future life of the hero, to try to make some prediction as to their future destiny. Says Svetlana Shishkova, candidate of psychological Sciences, the doctor-neuropsychologist, Director of psychological center of the Home:

“Irony of fate or With light steam!”

Nadia and Eugene represent a single psychological type. They see the essence of people, distinguish what is important and what is not, and I feel that may happen in the future. Because of this, they decisively changed the planned scenario of his life.

The place of action. Where actually lived Zhenya Lukashin and worked “magicians”?

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Sudden novel Nadya and Zhenya will end with a wedding. And since the couple share a lot of interests (poetry, music), similar family history and even similar friends, they live together happily ever after. Rich doctor and teacher is unlikely, but and misery, they will not.


The Duo of perfectionist Alena Igorevna, creating strict rules and constantly striving for perfection, and romance of Ivan and its tragic, sad and sensitive soul does not Bode well.

“Magicians” is censored. A film based on Strugatsky issued for the Christmas story

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Any strong sense from the point of view of psychologists – a signal of trouble. “Emotional overdependence” today, even trying to heal. The passions cannot long withstand, besides the lovers passionately begin to pester your passion persecution, and jealousy. It usually ends in a nervous breakdown, after which a pair of relief at variance.

“Pokrovskie Vorota”

In a communal apartment gathered a motley company. Activist-head of the Margarita, its usual state – the movement and struggle. Such people constantly strive (to a high status, good income) while I handle any stressful situation. The irrationals Lev evghenievich – curious, unpredictable, prone to illogical actions and mood swings. Always ready for action sensation Savva and enthusiast Kostikable to arrange a feast on an empty place. Their life will be different.

Why Mikhail Kozakov was not to make a sequel film?

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Why women marry the wrong men?

Margarita – a specialist in South America, with the character such that “a regiment to command” after the collapse of the USSR, most likely, formed a joint venture and returned under her wing limp Leo E. (who lost his job and divorced began his “cut” of the Letter). Savva Ignatievich was attached to the chief guard, and from his post it periodically, like once Lev evghenievich, began to devour the sight of “kokotek from the Scandinavian office”. The trio made a fortune, returned from New cheremushek back to the Pokrovskie Gate.

Kostya went into politics and became a “light” at the meetings. His professional success is largely dependent on Rita – people like Kostya, need a strong hand. Hopefully, the Rita (which is the first of a series of distinctly leadership of Margarita) will direct the stick to the right path.

“Moscow does not believe in tears”

Volitional logics Katerina and self-absorbed and neglecting the trappings of life introvert gosh will never be happy together.

Sociologists argue that people born in the Soviet Union, necessarily reviewing the film during the new year holidays – the majority of respondents called it the most life-affirming of the Soviet film.

Although, according to experts, the forecast for the future of the characters is pretty sad. It is no coincidence that the role of the artist Gosha Alexei Batalov lamented: “Oh, didn’t see women of my hero…”

The main Soviet kinoshlyagery. Moscow “does not believe in tears” for 35 years

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It is clear that acquaintance with a middle-aged lonely mechanic living in a communal apartment and when any problems (mostly self-imposed) departing on multi-day binge, the heroine does not promise anything good.

Empty coquetry. Why flirt

But Katherine’s a strong woman. Raised alone in the dormitory daughter and along the way made a career, she will have Heartbreak with crumpled hard worker, and not confused with the collapse of the country. There is no doubt that she is also the enterprise will lead to prosperous, and after 45 will definitely marry the same successful divorced colleague from the neighboring region, which will meet at one of the meetings.

With her friends, too, everything will be fine: the dejected after retirement will grow in the country and cucumbers to babysit grandchildren, and Lyudmila will be the first “hook”, and then open your own clothes shop or beauty salon. A good person must meet – certainly not in a cemetery, and in the airport, waiting for boarding on the flight.

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