Wash hands and not to kiss. As a child not to get sick during the holidays

Outsmart the epidemic

Not to catch the virus from sneezing and coughing, you must take precautions.

As often as possible to wash hands with soap and water. But if this is not possible, use protective hand gel. Before eating and after coming off the street to do it just be sure. It is proved that the observance of this simple rule in 10 times reduces the risk of Contracting SARS!

Extreme measures. What not to do if a stuffy nose

Not to kiss friends and acquaintances. Shake hands or kiss on the cheek — today is and in children and adults in the order of things, but don’t do it during an outbreak. Should be limited to a friendly nod. And sneezing classmate better to stay away.

Before leaving the house every day to lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment, eucalyptus oil or boric vaseline. Do not touch face with hands. All this will make it difficult for virus entry into the body and will help not to get sick.

To make a simple point antivirus massage. Lot of the time he will not take, and will not be noticed by anyone. Alternating massage points on the face that are responsible for nerve supply to the nasopharynx, in the beginning of the eyebrows, nose and cheeks. This will increase blood flow and help the body to resist infection.

To get a flu shot. Of course, it was better to do it in the fall. But now it’s too late. Only it is important that at the time of vaccination the child was completely healthy and had no other contraindications.

Seven woes – one answer. How to increase immunity of the child and not to hurt

To read about it


To strengthen General and local immunity of their children every parent needs on a daily basis. This, of course, troublesome, but effective. It will have:

10 Christmas business, which is to do with baby during the holidays

carefully monitor the cleanliness of the utensils, linens and floors. Although completely sterile environment with the child is harmful, but regular wet cleaning and daily ventilation and humidification required. Because the lack of oxygen together with air-dried violate the normal functioning of the mucous membranes, making the virus easier to enter the body;

to do a systematic hardening — a rubdown, dousing with cold water, air baths. But there is an important regularity. Enough a day or two miss and start all over again. Walks should be almost in any weather. Well, if only in the yard mild frost or torrential rain. As hardening is also available daily after washing to stretch and RUB the earlobes themselves the ear, periodically wetting your fingers in cold tap water. Though a simple procedure, but very effective:

Water treatment. How to temper often ill child

  • even the frosts will transcend;
  • to give children a good vitamin complex and fish oil. Feed fresh vegetables and fruits. Of minerals, possessing antiviral activity, the most important are zinc and selenium;
  • during epidemics, daily to inhalations. You can use pine essential oil or menthol oil or just steam of boiled potatoes. But it is better to buy a special steam inhaler;
  • twice a day to wash the nasal mucosa with either normal saline or drugs on the basis of sea water, which not only mechanically washes away the germs, but also moisturizes the mucosa, nourishes it with microelements that enhances the immune system;
  • gradually include in the diet garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish, and they contain phytoncides that inhibit the growth of infectious agents. If there are problems with the digestive tract, herbs it is better not to consume the sliced onions and garlic can be put next to the bed or the Desk of the child.

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