Market cell phone sales stabilized at the expense of smartphones

Photo: Grigory Sysoev/RIA Novosti

The fall of the Russian cell phone market in 2016 is significantly slowed, while smartphone sales show strong growth

The demand for phones in Russia remained practically unchanged, a decrease in 2016 of just 1.2%. A year earlier, the decline was 14%. Meanwhile, the average price of phones in networks sellers of mobile electronics has increased by 25% and made 9 of 167 rubles, the study said MTS received by RBC.

Of the total phone market 71% occurred in the segment of smartphones, sales of which in 2016 has grown in relation to 2015, 5% in volume and 26.3% in monetary terms. The price of smartphones has also increased to an average of RUB 12 295 for the device, which is 20.3% more than in the previous year.

Similar statistics on the results and the analysts of “Euroset”. According to the study of (there RBC), the average price of smartphone has increased in 2016 by 21%, while the average price of the tablet is 3%. In monetary terms, the market of cell phones and smartphones increased by 23%, and mobile computers, up 1%.

“It is obvious that Russian market of cell phones and smartphones steadily stabilizes, primarily due to growth in sales of smartphones”, — stated in the message of “Euroset”. However, consumers due to the crisis still prefer to buy the device on credit and choose the most advantageous offer in terms of price/quality.

According to MTS, heaviest is 1.8 times the proportion of devices cost from 20 to 30 thousand RUB., mostly due to the sales of the iPhone 5s 16 Gb, analysts conclude MTS. The main driver of sales growth were the smartphones supporting the technology transfer of mobile data 4G. Their share at the end of 2016 reached 53% in total sales of smartphones in natural terms. In addition, its position in the mobile market has strengthened phablets (smartphones with big screen size of 5.5 inches and above). Their share in sales of smartphones grew by 45% by 2015.

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