The MAC connected to the investigation of the crash of Tu-154

Residents of Simferopol from the funeral Board died in the crash of Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry

Photo: Viktor Korotayev/Kommersant

The crash of the Tu-154 over the Black sea

Farewell to the dead in the crash of Tu-154. Photo gallery

The defense Ministry apologized to the relatives of the victims in the crash of Tu-154

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Specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) flew to Sochi to participate in the investigation of the crash of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defence over the Black sea

Expert of Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) will be included in the Commission for the investigation of the crash of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defence over the Black sea. About RBC told the press-Secretary of the Committee Svetlana Kolesnikova. “We were invited, and one of our specialists will fly there tomorrow, he will be a part of the Commission to participate in the investigation,” — said the representative of the Mac.

“MAC had the necessary technical means. Therefore, the war Department found it reasonable to ask him to help decode the flight recorders,” — suggested in an interview with RBC honoured test pilot Vladimir Biryukov. According to him, MAC could not involve the investigation: “the Aircraft belonged to the defense Ministry. They have their own service and their own specialists. And MAC is investigating accidents in civil aviation. Unusual for him to take part in it. So I think he joined at the request of the military”.

The investigation of the accident has been the main military investigation Department of the TFR. The TFR declined to comment on RBC the investigation.

According to sources of Kommersant, the law enforcement authorities came to the conclusion about the absence of the wreckage of the plane traces of the crime explosion.

Photo gallery
Farewell to the dead in the crash of the aircraft of the Ministry of defence over the Black sea

Monday, January 16, in Moscow there passes ceremony of farewell to the dead in the crash of Tu-154 over the Black sea on December 25. The plane crashed after taking off from the airport…

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On-Board equipment of the Tu-154 emergency worked, said in late December, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. The chief of security service of flights of aircraft of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Bainetov said that potential terrorists could use the explosive device, and to provide some mechanical effects on the component parts of the aircraft.

The Federal security service the main version of the catastrophe was called getting into the engines of foreign objects, poor quality fuel, the piloting error and technical malfunction.

At the end of December it became known that one of the flight recorders of the Tu-154 was destroyed in the crash. We are talking about the “black box” in the tail of the plane, which duplicated the testimony of two key recorders, parametric and speech. Their as a consequence called satisfactory.

Photo gallery
“We will come tomorrow”: looking for victims of the crash of Tu-154 and the wreckage of the liner

The fourth day in Sochi are searching for the fragments of Tu-154 plane crashed while departing to Syria, and victims of disaster. The fuselage of the airliner and most of the bodies not yet discovered…

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The Board belonging to the defense Ministry, was wrecked on the morning of 25 December a few minutes after departure from Adler, where he underwent refueling before flying on Russian air base in Syria Hamim. Onboard there were 92 persons, 64 of whom were artists of song and dance ensemble of the Russian army Alexandrov. Also on the plane were Executive Director of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa. She was supposed to deliver medicine to the University hospital of Latakia.

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