Carlsen is ahead of Karjakin on the chess tournament in the Netherlands

World champion Magnus Carlsen after a series of setbacks took the lead, ahead of Russian Sergey Karjakin half a point.

Defeat. Magnus Carlsen retained the title of world chess champion

This contributed to Carlsen’s win over Loek van Wely in the ninth round of the chess super tournament in the Netherlands, however, draw Karjakin in round pole Radoslaw Vojtasek.

The sole leader of the tournament has left the American Wesley so, who played out a draw with Levon Aronian. A participant of the tournament left to play four games before a winner is determined.

After the ninth round, three chess players — Carlsen, Eljanov, Wei — scored five and a half points behind the leaders With half a point. Karjakin, Aronian and Adhiban have five points.

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