Come back, youth! Why are we afraid of aging?

It refers to people of both sexes. But still more women. If men are more likely to survive because of age in connection with work — employers do not really favor those over 50, the weak floor is experiencing sadness due to the loss of visual appeal, too. Before the Cavaliers turned around after, cared, gave signs of attention, and now the focus can not see! And many ladies are trying to prove to them (as well as myself) that they still got it: bright makeup, wear a bold neckline. They say that old age is not about me!

Years will not prevail. How to stay young

The restoration

Some go even further — give birth to young friends, go to Nightclubs, drain the fat from problem areas, get rid of bags under the eyes and raise the eyebrows in surprise (“I Want to look like inexperienced girls”). In short, by all means try to rejuvenate. To the surrounding to find out how much they gasped of admiration: “As a 58? Yes, you are more than 25 do not give!”

However, such a “restyling” of others usually causes only pity and sympathy. After all, no tricks will not help a Mature woman to turn into a young girl. Yes, surgeons get rid of bags under the eyes and drooping eyelids. But age — he’s not under the eyes, it’s in the eyes! Yes, doctors will do a facelift on the face, but what about the wrinkles on the neck, sagging skin, a “floated” figure? Nature can not be fooled! Therefore it is better not to throw money to the wind, and try to understand what you do not hit your own age.

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The struggle with fears

Well-known psychologist and psychoanalyst Erik Erikson believed that of late maturity — a time of choice between integrity and despair. Under favorable conditions, the person chooses first, don’t grumble to your way of life, accept your present and yourself in it. In adverse feels despair because of the approaching old age. It afraid of loneliness, sickness, death. It is clear that these fears in varying degrees, common to all people, especially those who are close to retirement age. But if some of them cope successfully, others get stuck, like in a swamp. Or trying to drown out with the help of external rejuvenation. However, any cosmetic surgeries and youth clothing fear of aging is not treated. The first thing to treat of thought. Better — with the help of the therapist. After all, many of the fears hidden deep in the subconscious, and without the expert not them out to get.

By the way

Domestic psychologists decided to find out what is the image most often chosen by women in retirement. It turned out that 8.9% of the ladies trying to be young by dressing for his age, 12,5% – prefer sporty style, 7,6% – elegance and classics. But the vast majority have given up! 32,4% are cheap tacky sweaters, bought on the occasion on the market, and 38.6% of voluntarily enlist themselves into old women: don’t wear makeup, don’t follow hair, wears old clothes. And that’s a shame because a woman can be beautiful at any age!

Time elegance

However, something can be done by.

Try to see at his age is not only minuses, but also pluses (and they are many!). For example, earlier work and child care ate up all your free time and you could not afford, for example, to go to the pool, and now you can. Earlier was not able to devote much time with loved ones, and now the opposite. In his younger years couldn’t find time for a hobby, and now easily! After all, youth is defined not only by the presence or absence of wrinkles. As long as you keep your thirst to live, to love, to grow, to enjoy every day, you are young! As correctly noted T. Mann: “People young and old depending on how he feels”.

Change your closet. But not in favor of the youth outfit, and in favor of elegance. Classic suits, sheath dresses, skirts below the knee, knitted cardigans, too tight pants, accessories (scarves, belts, jewelry) will make your image truly stylish. And nobody would call you an old lady.

Take care of yourself. Exercise — it will give you courage and restore good tone. Use good creams, do make-up, manicure, fashionable hairstyle. Well-groomed woman at any age looks fresh and attractive. Smile more often — because even a perfectly smoothed injections dispassionate or dull face looks worse than a cheerful and friendly face, even wrinkles.

The first reader

Daria Pogodina, actress:

I don’t want to judge anyone. If an older person tends to look younger if he finds the strength and desire to go to the mirror, open the Cabinet and put the thing even if not quite at the age, I believe — that’s fine. Quite often elderly people life is not very good.

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