Elusive arena. “Krestovsky” and 4 “most expensive” football stadium

National stadium

Location: Singapore
Cost: $1.8 billion
Opening date: 2014

10 stadiums that are worth visiting

Miracle sports engineering was built in just three years. National stadium — a true gem of a giant complex Singapore Sport Hub. Arena not only has a retractable roof, but also a unique “moving” the first tier. In normal times this is a classic football stadium with stands, directly adjacent to the field. However, during the athletics seats have the ability to get accustomed to the inside of the arena, freeing up space for treadmills.

It is clear that in the banana-lemon state greater thirst for luxurious events: the Grand Prix “Formula 1” is an example. The arena is the national team of Singapore football, which have never chosen to participate in the world Cup. Not surprisingly, the first and only full house in the stadium cost under two billion dollars collected English clubs Arsenal and Everton. In the year before they went to the Asian tour and played including in Singapore.

National stadium, Singapore. Photo: www.globallookpress.com


Location: London, UK
Cost: $1.45 billion.
Opening date: 2007

Of course, one of the most legendary arenas in the world was known long before 2007. But usually treasures the traditions of the British during the reconstruction of Wembley was guided by the slogan “…we razed to the ground, and then…”. From the old stadium, built in 1923, was left virtually nothing, including two white stone towers, which became the visiting card of “Wembley”. The new arena features a huge arch with a height of 134 meters, a sliding roof and 90 thousand seats, making it the second largest capacity in Europe. Curiously, this masterpiece of architecture and modern technology built in four years. While the construction of the stadium in St. Petersburg has gone on for two decades.

“Wembley”. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Olympic stadium

Location: Montreal, Canada
Cost: $1.4 billion.
Opening date: 1976

When you pass the stadium “Luzhniki”?

Another arena with a solid history, but has changed beyond recognition after the reconstruction. The stadium was built for the Olympics in 1976, the year in Montreal, and had already assumed a revolutionary solution with a retractable roof. But the constant strikes of builders has led to the fact that the opening ceremony of the Games arena was put in the raw state: the unfinished was the main tower and the same retractable roof. To cover the costs for the construction of the old stadium, the Quebec government even had to impose a tax on tobacco.

The reconstruction of the stadium continues for many years, constantly increasing the cost of the arena. To date, arena has become one of the most futuristic sports facilities in the world. In addition to clubs for American football here is the national team Canada soccer (or as it is called overseas — the soccer).

Olympic stadium, Montreal, Canada. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Olympic stadium

Location: London, UK
Cost: $1.1 billion
Opening date: 2011

Prison instead of the stadium. As England declared war on football hooligans

The first remake in our ranking. The capital of the XXX Olympic games London abounds in modern arenas: Wembley and the Emirates. However, the organizers of the Olympic games this was not enough, and they decided to build a new stadium specifically for the opening and closing ceremonies and track and field and football tournaments. However, one arena did not stop — the Olympic stadium is in the most disadvantaged Eastern part of London. And according to the authors of the project, it should give a new impetus to the development of working-class suburbs of the British capital. Near the stadium is home to the Olympic village, which later became a residential complex, parks and office buildings.

After the Olympics, the football club “West ham” took to the stadium on lease for 99 years, pledging to pay £ 2.5 million a year. Because of the great amount of rent for the latest stadium journalists have called the deal one of the best in the history of football, but the London Prosecutor’s office began checking.

Olympic stadium, London. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org


Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Cost: $1.1 billion.
Opening date: 2017

The final close? How’s the construction “Zenit-Arena”

Finally, we got to the most exciting of our readers item of the rating of the main sports unfinished modern Russia. New arena on the site of the old Kirov stadium on Krestovsky island started to build back in 2007-m to year, that is, construction has been ongoing for ten years! Deadlines of the arena, as the estimate has changed countless times. Initially it was assumed that the stadium will open in the summer of 2009 year, and the cost of construction amounted to 6,666 billion. The “cursed” figure has since increased several times and in January 2017 was announced the new total is 48 billion. With all the depreciation of the ruble and crises, the approximate cost of construction in terms of dollars has exceeded one billion.

With regard to the architectural features of the arena on Krestovsky island is a retractable football field. However, this is not new: in the Netherlands, a similar technology has been used for many years and the cost of stadiums while in the times below.

Stadium “Central”. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Mikhail Kireev

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