Evgeny Medvedev: “to Hesitate at the words that I’m the best skater in history”

The main character of the last European championship on figure skating has become Evgenia Medvedevawon gold with a world record. In an interview Aephi 17-year-old champion said about winning in Ostrava and preparation for the world Cup.

Skater Evgenia Medvedeva. Dossier

Nicholas Zagorski, Aiphe: Tired after such a triumphant performance?

Evgeny Medvedev: to be honest, more tired from the flight, and the championship was a huge pleasure. Probably there I’m more energized than tired. Not to say that the tournament was for me easy, but the satisfaction from it is huge.

Legendary coach Tatiana Tarasova admired your speech and said that had never seen a stronger skater. How to react to such praise?

I am very pleased when these words are spoken to me. But I often do not take the praise and don’t agree with that because… (hides her face) I’m very confused.

— In any program you even allowed myself the indulgence, and made a further element, although he knew that he would not be counted by the judges. This was done in order to show their superiority over the rivals?

— Rather it was just a small distraction for me.

Then there is the European championship so the entrance for you that can arrange such activities during official hire?

— I wouldn’t say that. Any competition for me is a big challenge, and I treat it with all seriousness. But I never bother about the scale of the competition — I just want to get on the ice and show good skating. Because I knew that my whole free program until the last jump was performed purely, you understand — you can afford some indulgence on the ice.

Averbukh: speech Medvedeva at the European championship delighted the stands

— It is believed that due to you committing an unprecedented jumps and cascades, it is necessary to change the rules of figure skating. Agree with that?

— There are a lot of elements that I don’t: a cascade of triple Lutz or a cascade with a triple rittberger. So do not even think about how to change the rules.

Two years in a row you arrive at each start and win. How to maintain the same form before the Olympics in Korea?

— I try to live for today and make plans for the year ahead, I will not. Ahead of the world Cup and two Championships, one of which will be held just before the Olympics. Before the world Cup, which will be held in Helsinki in April, I will have a little break in terms of competition. Training naturally will not stop. Therefore, it is important to keep a good mood.

World champion Evgeny Medvedev: “I not a baby anymore!”

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— Russian women’s figure skating — the strongest in the world?

— I think that it makes no sense to argue with that. Russian girls are some of the strongest skaters. But despite this rivalry, the competition is very high. Perfectly are Japanese, Americans, Canadians and others.

Forbes included skater Medvedev in the number of successful young Europeans

— What nearest plans?

The first number of my essay on the Russian language.

— You still have time to study?

— Of course. I usually two to three times a week to attend classes. But often have to study with a teacher. Since not many weekends to go to school.

— In addition to journalists, relatives and classmates on the school “Sambo-70” at the airport you met and even the dog. Your?

Yes, this is my French bulldog Jerry.


Photos published Evgenia Medvedevа (@jmedvedevaj) Nov 27 2016 10:33 PST

— Why not take him to the championship?

It is normal for figure skating. Know of athletes who take to the competition of domestic animals. But I don’t have a Maltese or a Chihuahua and a bulldog. Understood that during the European championship just won’t have time to care for it. All these days I lived on schedule from the hotel to the ice Palace hotel.

— And the traditional Banquet at the end of the championship?

— Yeah, it went just fine: we really danced a lot on it.

— Who is the best dancer in our team?

— In General, it is logical that all skaters dance very well. But I’m more just on the dance floor like Katya Bobrova.

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