FAS revealed a cartel in public procurement of medicines

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

The Moscow management FAS has revealed a cartel in public procurement of medicines, which allowed participants to win 107 auctions in 11 subjects of the Federation without a significant price reduction

The office of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) in Moscow revealed the existence of a cartel between two companies — participants in the public bidding for the supply of drugs. According to the report on the Agency’s website, in total due to the collusion of companies have managed to keep prices at 107 auctions in 11 subjects of the Federation.

We are talking about companies of BSS, OOO and OOO “AMT”, which, thanks to an oral agreement in the course of trade acted in favor of each other.

“This enabled BSS, OOO to win 95 auctions with a reduction of the initial (maximum) price from 0 to 1%, and three auctions with a reduction of 1.5 to 5%. The total amount of the auctions has exceeded 403 million rubles, In its turn, LLC “AMT” won seven auctions with a reduction of the initial (maximum) price from 0.5 to 1%. In two auctions, a decline of 3 and 5.5% of the initial (maximum) prices, respectively. The total amount of the auctions has made more than 6 million rubles,” — said the Agency.

In the course of trading with these firms, the government agencies purchased a wide range of products, including the list of vital as well as insulin, drugs for treatment of cancer, diabetes, and various antibiotics.

The FAS said that the service is preparing materials for transfer to law enforcement agencies, and soon to be instituted administrative proceedings.

“Administrative fines for anticompetitive agreement provided by part 1 article 14.32 of the administrative code and for legal entities from 10 to 50% of the initial minimum value of the order”, — stated in the message of FAS.

On Tuesday, January 31, it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to optimize the costs for vital drugs. It is assumed that in executing the President’s orders medicines from the list vital will be cheaper, and all the contractors and pharmaceutical companies, which in the course of tenders inflated prices on drugs, check with law enforcement agencies.

In December 2016, the FAS reported that pharmaceutical companies have reduced prices for 88 positions of essential medicines, most of which is used for treatment of rare genetic diseases and cancer. The company reduced the price from 21 to 88%, indicated in materials provided to the FAS. On average, prices fell by 50%. In rubles the largest decrease — minus 240 thousand rubles for one package of the drug for the treatment of cancer “Revlimid” (manufacturer Celgene).

Before that, in November, the Federal Antimonopoly service has published on its website a list of 48 medicines, the prices of which were inflated. Later, the FAS has identified an additional 18 positions with a high cost, but did not post them on the website, and sent out notification to the companies-infringers. In the end, the cost of drugs has reduced not only the companies that were convicted of inflating prices, but a few.

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