Lost their license a European University topped the rating of Ministry of education

At the entrance to the building of the European University

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European University, which is suing the officials for revocation of the license, became the leader of the Ministry of education in monitoring certain indicators. The University has ranked first in research and financial activities

Leaders in science

The official efficiency rating of universities of 2016 is the leading place for individual positions were taken by European University at St. Petersburg, which is challenged in court the revocation of the license for educational activity. This follows from the analytical report of the Professor of the faculty of political Sciences and sociology, European University Mikhail Sokolov. The study is at the disposal of RBC.

We are talking about the annual monitoring of the effectiveness of educational organizations, which the Ministry of education and science carries out in 2012. On the basis of this study “formed the policy of the Ministry of education to regulate the higher education sector and allocation of budget funds, as well as the reorganization of the failure of the universities”, said in a research note.

Monitoring account for 70 indicators, of which seven are basic. For example, the indicator “educational activities” consists of 15 digits, including, for example, the average unified state exam score admitted to the first year students and the number of Olympiad winners. The indicator “research activities” is calculated from the number of publications, citations, number of teachers with a degree and the amount of income from research activities. The results of the monitoring are available on the website of the Ministry of education.

European University according to the results of 2016 ranks first in terms of research activity, ahead of Moscow state technological University “Stankin”, Moscow Institute of electronic technology, Moscow engineering physics Institute and St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO).

The University ranks first in terms of financial and economic activity and second in the average salary of a teacher, behind the Russian economic school (NES).

Regarding the additional indicators, the University ranks first in terms of income from research activity per one teacher. On this indicator it has more than doubled ahead of the nearest competitor — ITMO. The University received the largest number of grants per employee, and also ranked first in income, exceeding the earnings runner NES more than five times. The University was among the leaders in number of cited publications indexed in the international system Web of Science.

In recent years, the share of private educational institutions in the lead monitoring is growing, and until recently, the pressure of the oversight bodies for private higher education institutions was minimal, writes the author of the analytical note.

According to Sokolov, the claims of officials to the leaders of the rating are associated with conflicting requirements imposed by the government to the universities. So, the Ministry of education requires, “to the teaching and research conducted at a modern level of knowledge”, and the libraries were replenished with new scientific works. At the same time the Agency insists on “the purchase of standard textbooks in unjustifiable quantities”. “Since the amount is a constant value, meeting the expectations of one instance means failure in the eyes of another” — the author stresses.

Claims to the European University

European University is challenged in the Moscow Arbitration court the decision of the service’s revocation of a license. Resolution on the educational activities of the University lost in December, then during the week the classes there were not carried out. The court then allowed the University to resume classes before the court decision.

The problems of the University began in July 2016 after a complaint to the Prosecutor General Vitaly Milonov, at that time Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, in the absence of the University clinic, illegal alterations in the building and that scholarships are given to students in envelopes and in foreign currency. The University called this information is false.

In the summer the University held a series of unplanned inspections by various regulatory agencies. In particular, the service found in the University 120 violations, several of which, in the opinion of the inspectors, in the end, was not resolved, and that was the basis for revocation of the license. The University insists that fulfilled the requirements of the Supervisory authority in full.

In addition, the authorities of St. Petersburg are suing the University for violations of the rules of the Palace Kushelev-Bezborodko on Gagarin street, which is University. The Committee of property relations of the city terminated the contract with the University for the rental of the building; the University also argues against this decision in city court of arbitration.

The claim of the city was the installation of plastic Windows on the facades and a few temporary partitions, clarified the administration of the University. The rector of the University Vadim Volkov pointed out that it in fact was not about a historic building and of the annexe of the 1970-ies. Despite this, the city has threatened the University with forced eviction.

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