Questionnaire taken from the foster family children appeared in the database for adoption

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In the Metropolitan data Bank of children left without parental care, there was a questionnaire of four children, whose guardianship was taken away from the foster family Del. The father of children Michael Del stated that he was aware of two questionnaires

On the website of the Moscow data Bank on children left without parental care, there were profiles of children, whose guardianship was taken away from the foster family Del. The statement was published in the group in Facebook, which is devoted to the return of children back into foster care.

Just sow was found in the questionnaire four children — Sergei, Artyom, Katya and Milana. Adoptive father of Michael Del told the publication Meduza that knows about the appearance profiles of two adopted children in the Bank for adoption. He suggested that it might be related to the first claim of the Del family for guardianship.

In the Metropolitan Department of labour and social protection of the population denied information on the publication profiles of the children of the family Del on the website data Bank on children-orphans. “We checked the databank, questionnaires, no”, — have informed RBC in the Department. At the time of receipt of the review of the questionnaire’s four children were removed from the page data Bank. When you click on the links in the Facebook group dedicated to the return of children in foster care, you receive stub “element not found”.

Metropolitan social welfare agencies took ten children (eight adopted and two biological) Svetlana and Michael Del 10 Jan. Eight of them, according to Deputy head of the Moscow Department of social protection Tatiana Barsukova, was diagnosed with HIV. Psychologists who later talked with the children, reported that children complain of beatings by the father.

As a result, the proportion of children sent to the Center for assistance to family and children, another part — in the medical institution. To date, only two children are in the family: six year old daughter of Svetlana and Michael lives with his parents, another boy was released from the hospital under the care of his grandmother.

On 19 January it became known that the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of negligence of the guardianship of Zelenograd, which time has not revealed a threat to the health and development of children in foster care. Formerly head of the Department of social protection of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan said that in respect of Michael Sharing was initiated a criminal case on the beatings. He also reported about the intention to terminate the contract of care with the foster family.

A week ago, on January 25, in the case of beatings by law enforcement agencies searched the apartment of the family from Zelenograd. The prosecution in a criminal case Michael Share was not presented.

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