The media learned about the possible appointment of Serdyukov Deputy head of Rostec

Former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov

Photo: Stoyan Vasev/TASS

Ex-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov may become a Deputy head of “Rosteh”, reports “Kommersant”. In addition, say sources, the former Minister can change the head of state Corporation Sergey Chemezov in the Board of Directors of KLA

Former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov may become a Deputy General Director of “Rostec”. About this newspaper “Kommersant”, citing several high-ranking sources in the government and top managers of defense enterprises.

Deputy head of “Rosteh” was released the day before, after Dmitry Shugaev, holding this position by presidential decree was appointed Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC). Former Director FSMTC Alexander Fomin the same decree appointed Deputy Minister of defense of Russia.

According to the newspaper, the question about the changer Shugaev, the post of Deputy head of Rostec remains open. However, according to interlocutors of the edition, “one of the candidates for the vacant post is the industrial Director of the aviation cluster of the Corporation, ex-Minister of defense of the Russian Federation (2007 to 2012) Anatoly Serdyukov.”

Interlocutors stressed that since the appointment of Serdyukov in 2013, the General Director of “FNIC M” he was able to do in “assistance” “career, and despite the scandal that accompanied his departure from the defense Ministry.” Just two years later, Serdyukov became the industrial Director of Rostec, who oversees the aviation industry and joined the Board of the Corporation, noted the sources.

In addition, the newspaper’s sources in the White house and the aviation industry reported that Serdyukov could soon change the General Director of “Rostec” Chemezov on the Board of Directors of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC). Interlocutors claim that the name of Serdyukov in the list of candidates from Russia to the Council of the oak, made in January by the Ministry of economic development to the government.

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