The UN security Council adopted the proposal of Ukraine statement on the situation in the Donbass

A meeting of the UN Security Council

Photo: Felipe Louiesen/UNITED NATIONS/AFP

The UN security Council at a closed meeting considered the situation in the Donbass. According to the results, a statement was adopted, proposed by Ukraine. The document calls for an immediate cease-fire

The UN Security Council expressed “grave concern” over the “dangerous escalation” of the situation in Eastern Ukraine and called for an immediate return to the ceasefire.

“Members of the UN Security Council condemned the use on the frontline in Donetsk oblast weapons prohibited by the accords, which led to the death and injury of people, including civilians,” said taken at a closed meeting of the UN security Council statement, which is reproduced in the official Twitter of the permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN.

In addition, the members of the Security Council expressed “its full support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” and stressed “the need for strict implementation” of the resolution that approved a number of measures to implement Minsk agreements.

“The members of the Security Council called for an immediate return to the ceasefire regime”, – the document says.

The draft statement in the UN Security Council was introduced by the representative of Ukraine. Earlier, Kiev has requested an emergency meeting on the situation in Avdeevka Donetsk region. The meeting was held behind closed doors.

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Fighting in Avdeevka

In the area of Avdeevka near Donetsk three days continued intense shelling by militias. Kiev said that the 29th and 30th day in the area ATO killed…

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The official representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko added that the UN security Council will again discuss the situation in the East of Ukraine on 2 February, at a public meeting. “The UN security Council and Ukraine, as the chair of tomorrow will monitor the situation in the Donbas. Convened a meeting on Ukraine on Thursday at 22:00,” – said Yelchenko.

Earlier “deep concern” about the deteriorating situation in the East of Ukraine expressed the US state Department. In the statement of Department spokesman Mark Toner said that the fighting was “worth” dozens of victims “among the Ukrainian military” and “10 civilians”. He called for an immediate ceasefire and the complete unobstructed access of OSCE representatives.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said earlier that the Kremlin is “extremely concerned” about the fighting on the contact line in the Donbass. He stressed that Russia has evidence of the intention of the “independent groups” (unrelated to the Ukrainian armed forces) to attack under the control of the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR territory. At the same time, according to Peskov, “independent” troops crossed the line of contact with the support of artillery of armed forces of Ukraine. “Of course, such aggressive actions with the support of the Armed forces of Ukraine are undermining the goals and objectives of the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” Peskov said

30 Jan Ukraine has accused “Russian terrorist forces” in the aggravation of the situation in the Donbass. The Russian foreign Ministry urged Ukrainian authorities to stop the “armed provocations” in the Donbass and to respect the Minsk agreement.

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