The mortality rate from flu and acute respiratory viral infections in Russia more than doubled

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The Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” published comments to the statistics on mortality in Russia in 2016, collected by Rosstat. The General decrease of mortality, according to the Federal statistics service, was much slower than expected – instead of declining by 0.7 case per thousand people the difference between the 2015 and 2016 amounted to only 0.1 cases in the lower side (13 and 12.9, respectively). In addition, Rosstat reported that deaths from respiratory system diseases decreased by 8% – but it increased significantly the percentage died of influenza and SARS. This indicator increased more than 2 times – 133.3%. In this regard, the head of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov wondered about the success of the vaccination campaign against influenza, which is so actively engaged in the Ministry of health. The candidate of medical Sciences drew attention to the fact that the country increased mortality “from other causes” by reducing some other indicators. He referred to the opinion of experts explain this situation by the attempts of regions to adjust the percentage of deaths while cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

Last week, as reported by specialists of the research Institute of influenza, located in St. Petersburg, the incidence of influenza and SARS rose by 5.4% on average for 59 cities in which you are monitoring. Most of the sick children in the age group 7-14 years was ill by 21.6% more people than last week, in the category of 3-6 years – by 12%. The number of adults (over 15 years) who were diagnosed with the flu, slightly decreased by 4.3%. In influenza research Institute said that the epidemic thresholds are exceeded in all districts, except the southern and Central, but in the latter the incidence is increasing. Also, an increasing number of cases in Siberia, the far East, Severo-Western and Privolzhsky districts.

In connection with the current situation of closed schools in many cities of Russia. So, the Mound was closed about 100 schools and 20 kindergartens in Omsk quarantine began in late January, in Nizhny Novgorod closed 70 schools in Penza – 8, in Novgorod – 11.

Earlier in the Ministry of health has warned that the peak incidence will occur at the end of January – beginning of February. However, soon the epidemic needs to go on the decline.

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