“Vedomosti” reported on the behalf of Putin to support mobile operators

Vladimir Putin

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to support operators in the implementation of “Spring package” with “the need to prevent the growth of tariffs for communications services above the level of inflation”, writes the newspaper “Vedomosti”

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the President’s instruction the Ministry of communications referred to in the discussion on the official portal of legal information. Later, however, the newspaper said, all the comments of the Ministry with reference to enclosed instructions of the President have been removed from the portal.

The operators evaluated the costs that are necessary for the implementation of the “Spring pack” in the trillions of rubles: rating varied from 10 to 2 trillion rubles depending on the amount of data, and Coca time will have to store operators.

“Vedomosti” also reviewed the letter from the Deputy Minister of economic development Nikolay Podguzova in the government, in which he offers to compensate the operators of the expenditure from the Fund of universal communication services.

Two sources told the publication that the meeting of the government, for which it was prepared this letter, should take place “this week”. However, the Fund for universal Telecom services is not enough, since all the operators deduct in it of 1.2% of revenue in 2016 to the Fund gathered to 14.8 billion rubles, the newspaper said.

The newspaper notes that previously, it was known about Putin’s order to prepare for the November 1 subsidiary legislation adopted in July 2016 “anti-terrorist package” Duma Deputy Irina Spring. On 2 November, the publication, citing two Federal officials wrote that these regulations are not developed and the timing of their training disrupted.

In response, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the work on the preparation of secondary legislation on the “Spring package” goes on. “Really, maybe not all formulirovka, but the work is done”, — said the representative of the Kremlin. This Peskov said that, in his opinion, “we cannot say that it [the work on the preparation of acts] is not fully satisfied”.

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