Germany set a record in export, import and surplus

Port in the North of Germany


By the end of 2016, Germany has set a historical record for exports, selling abroad goods to €1.2 trillion. Imports also rose to a record level, while the trade balance not only remained positive, but also set a record

In 2016, Germany sold abroad goods for €1,207 trillion, which was a new historic record, according to the Federal statistical office of Germany,

Import to Germany have also set the historical record: in-country imported from abroad of goods €billion 954,6

Despite the growth of imports, foreign trade balance not only remained positive, but also reached record levels, totaling €of 225.9 billion.

Most of German exports go to other EU countries, the report said.

According to analysts, which results in the publication Süddeutsche Zeitung, a significant excess of exports over imports is fraught with two dangers. First, it indicates a weak domestic demand. And secondly, many countries pay German companies with a delay, the newspaper said. In the current tough economic situation there is a risk that some of these payments will either be expired, or even frozen.


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