The U.S. court of appeals upheld the ban of a decree trump on refugees

Protests in new York against the decree on refugees

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The court of appeal dismissed the appeal of the White house on the decision of Federal judges to suspend the decree of Donald trump to enter the U.S. residents of some Muslim countries and refugees

The court of appeal in San Francisco was discriminatory decree of the President of Donald trump, limiting the entry of citizens and refugees of several Muslim countries, according to Bloomberg. The white house has already promised to appeal the decision to the Supreme court. “I’ll see you in court”, — wrote on this subject trump in his Twitter.

In the court’s explanation States that people have the right to free movement and the right to protection from discrimination. The document also stated that the decree should not contribute to the separation of families.

The court pointed out that there is no evidence that the citizens of the seven countries for whom entry to the United States limited by his decree the head of the White house, really was planning a terrorist attack on the United States.

The decree of January 27, was denied entry into the U.S. citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Restrictions apply to all refugees with the exception of certain categories of people in Syria.

The President’s decision provoked criticism among his opponents, and a week ago the decree was suspended by the decision of Federal judge James Robart.

Reuters indicates that two of the three judges that made the decision in San Francisco, was appointed President representing the Democratic party — Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

By trump in his promise and continue to fight for repeal of anti-immigrant decree said that “at stake is a matter of national security”.

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Protests in new York against the decree trump on refugees

Hundreds of new Yorkers on Saturday, January 28, staged a protest at the international airport named after John F. Kennedy against the new decree of the President of the United States Donald trump on immigration…

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