Tablet impaired. Can modern gadgets lead to blindness?

Today its contribution to the epidemic of vision problems is making technological progress. Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, despite the various measures taken to improve their safety, continue quite a negative influence on people’s vision. Especially, as often happens, children suffer. Can result modern gadgets to blindness and how they affect the development of cancer of the eye, Aifi said Daria Baryshnikova, ophthalmologist, member of the Association of interdisciplinary medicine.

Dangerous radiation

It is believed that modern gadgets seriously damage eyesight. And especially blame the radiation from the screens. In fact, no modern gadget does not exceed the standard of electromagnetic radiation, and in this sense is not at risk for vision. But there are some factors that you need to pay attention to keep the sharpness of vision and children. It is the size and screen quality of the device and the conditions of its use.

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The smaller and worse screen, the more you have to strain your eyes. So, for example, television is better tablet. You can’t look at bright screen while in a dark room. It is better not to read from the screen and not allow the children to watch cartoons in the conditions of strong shaking. You must correctly configure the illumination of the screen of your device: if you use full brightness, entering the room, reduce it to 2/3. Giving a child a smartphone or tablet, it is better to put him behind the table or place the gadget on a stand, so distance from eyes to screen is not changed. All of these recommendations are designed to remove undue stress from the eye muscles and in preventing the reduction of visual acuity.

To say that the use of gadgets leads to blindness, is incorrect. It is believed that intense child eyes blue light can damage the retina and cause premature macular degeneration, which is a common cause of cataracts and the development of blindness in people over 50 years. Such risk adults are much lower as with age, the lens of the eye is a bit yellow, which blocks blue light. Studies on this subject are still under way and requires confirmation. The best way to protect the child’s eyes is to limit the time of “dialogue” with the gadget.

We must remember that long-term continuous “communication” with any modern device causes the syndrome of dry eye. Looking at the bright screen, we 2-3 times blink less frequently, and therefore, not enough to moisturize your eyes. In turn, dry eyes can lead to the development of inflammation.

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Modern statistics

According to official data, today in Russia about 15.5 million people suffer from eye diseases, every second Russian at least once appealed to the ophthalmologist. The most common cause of diseases of the eye are not smartphones and tablets, and infection: bacterial agents, viruses (especially herpes) and pathogenic fungi. Any pathogen from this group is able not only to induce inflammatory eye disease, but also to trigger the development of more serious diseases such as cataracts. In second place degenerative age-related changes — the third malformation and eye abnormalities. Affect eyesight can various injuries, complications from them, autoimmune processes, tumor, a number of other pathologies (hypertension, anemia, diabetes, etc.). Many ophthalmologists talking about the dangers of using gadgets, but neither statistics nor proven research on this topic there.

It is believed that prolonged use of electronic gadgets without any breaks can lead to the development of cancer of the eye. There is currently no reliable evidence in support of such a theory does not exist. Research is actively underway in several European countries, but they have not yet proved.

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Attention to prevention

Like any other issue, the loss of vision is easier to prevent than to treat. And prevention is not as complex as it seems. You should pay attention to the size and quality of the screen (the more the better), to correctly adjust the lighting (in the room enough for 1/3 of full brightness), reading or watching videos, installing the gadget on a stand or putting on the table. In the dark to use the gadgets only with additional lighting. Give your eyes a rest every 30-40 minutes. The ability to limit time of continuous use of the gadgets.

An additional factor that, along with the use of modern devices can cause blurred vision in humans, is the original predisposition to a particular disease of the eye. This is especially true of children who have excessive eye strain in the presence of congenital abnormalities would significantly accelerate its development. Before you buy a child a tablet or smartphone, you should take him to reception and a visit to an ophthalmologist.

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