The HRC will complain to the Ministry of justice violations in prisons

The Council on human rights will hold speczadanie on the conflict of human rights defenders with the Federal service of execution of punishments. On it the Minister of justice can offer to transfer detention facilities to the Ministry of interior

“It is an insult of the Council”

Members of the Council for human rights (HRC) under the President will report to the head of Ministry of justice Alexander Konovalov on the barriers posed to the administration of colonies and jail for public observers. For this justice Minister to be invited to speczadanie of the HRC, told RBC member of the Board Andrei Babushkin. According to him, the decision was made after a closed press meeting of the Presidium of the HRC, which took place on Monday evening.

The head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov did not answer the call RBC.

Last week, Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) refused to agree to the visit of the members of the Council in the Karelian colony, where previously human rights activists have recorded cases of torture. In a letter to human rights defenders, Deputy Director FSIN Valery Baranets noted that the members of the HRC do not have the right to visit the colony. The same was said RBC Deputy Director FSIN Valery Maksimenko.

“This was received by the Bureau of the HRC as an insult to the Council, as insulting the President, an active attempt to prevent public scrutiny. This comes amid quite friendly and positive relationships with other law enforcement agencies. It was decided to hold a special meeting of the Council, to invite the Minister of justice,” said grandma.

According to him, several members of the HRC proposed to put the question that the justice Department “can’t handle the FPS, can’t get her to be open to civil society.” “There was a proposal to recognize the erroneous transfer of the Federal penitentiary service of the Ministry of justice, which occurred in 1997,” explained grandma. According to him, return the prison Department to the Ministry of interior can provide “more openness”. The vote on this question among the members of the HRC have not yet been done, said human rights activist.

FSIN offended

The Council will also establish a working group which will monitor the performance of authorities of the December instructions of the President Vladimir Putin. The group, in addition to the members of the Council proposed to include human rights activists Valery Borschev, Lev Ponomarev and Valentine Gefter, said grandma.

December 8 joint meeting of the President and members of the HRC human rights activists complained to Putin that the FPS hinders their work in the colonies and remand centres in particular, does not allow use of voice recorders and cameras. It happened during the first visit of human rights defenders in the Republic of Karelia in November. It took place soon after the opposition activist Ildar Dading, who is serving the penalty for repeated violations at rallies, spoke about the torture and beatings in local colonies.

The President ordered to check the FPS on obstructing the work of public observers. In late January, the Prosecutor General’s office began checking the prison authorities at his request.

The incident in the Karelian IK-7, which was not allowed Council members — the consequence of this order, the human rights activist grandma: “FSIN offended at us for what the President ordered them to, no doubt”.

“Not able to protect human rights”

Another requirement of the President dealt with the situation with the public monitoring commissions (PMCS) to places of detention. The members of the Council complained to the President that because of the opaque selection Commission last fall in many of the PMCS is practically no defenders. They were replaced by people from law enforcement agencies and community members that do not have human rights expertise.

This issue will also be discussed in the working group. “Commission who are not able to protect human rights. For example, in Mordovia, one of the most problematic colonies scheduled to be visited by members of the Commission for December of 2017,” comments grandma.

The public chamber of the Russian Federation after complaints of the inefficiency of many of the regional PMC has obliged them to report on their work. In addition, the members of the HRC and the public chamber until the end of March will analyze the mechanism set by the Commission and will make recommendations for improvement.

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