Dispense with other people’s seeds? Skrynnik — on security in the field of agricultural technologies

However, the country’s food security cannot be 100% guaranteed as our farmers retain a high dependence on imported seeds and technologies.

“Russia spends more than $1.8 billion for the purchase of imported seeds, genetic material, veterinary drugs, agrochemicals, — said the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation in 2009-2012, head of the International independent Institute for agricultural policy (MNAP) Elena Skrynnik in an interview with “RG”. For example, the share of foreign seed for sugar beets, potatoes, and reaches 80%. As one of the world’s leading agricultural powers, the leaders in the export of wheat, we must be fully independent and invulnerable in the field of agricultural technologies”.

Wheat, corn, sugar beets. Some of the seeds grown crops?

According to the former Minister of agriculture, to solve this problem, we need a range of measures. We are talking about the creation of the national system of technological development, which will include coordination of innovation management in industry, scientific research, system support from the state, private Russian and foreign investors.

There are advanced foreign experience, to which Russia is worth a look, as noted Skrynnik. “In terms of the efficiency of agriculture by developing agricultural technologies, I would emphasize the Japanese centers of excellence and the Brazilian agricultural research Corporation. They have successfully accumulated human and investment resources for research in breakthrough areas, ensured a rapid transfer of the latest technologies in the real sector”, — emphasized ex-the Minister. In particular, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, Brazilian exports of agricultural products increased 4-5-fold, from $20 to $80-100 billion in the Volume of production of grain and leguminous increased by almost 3 times.

According to the head of MYAP, if there are innovation priority in the development of the agricultural sector in terms of growth in real incomes and government support of the agricultural sector, “the volume of production of agriculture by 2035, it is possible to increase three-fold in monetary terms, the amount of exports to $150 billion.”

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