Ex-Deputy of the state Duma Boronenkov explained the reason for moving to Ukraine

Denis Boronenkov

Photo: Anna Isakova / TASS

The cause of emigration to Ukraine the former Deputy of the state Duma, the Communist Denis Boronenkov was “illegal” and “unjust” prosecution. This was the ex-Deputy said in an interview. He also called the move “a conscious choice”

Former Deputy of the State Duma from party of the Communist Denis Boronenkov described the reason for his move to Ukraine “illegal” and “unjust” prosecution. He told this in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“I alone was to deal with the group of people on behalf of the state usurped the power and made the decisions to punish or to pardon. So I made the decision to do this — in a country I do not want to live. Let this “Titanic” is floating by itself,” said Boronenkov.

On the question of how his and his wife’s an Opera singer and also a former Deputy of the state Duma Maria Maksakova took in Ukraine, Boronenkov said, “Well accepted”.

Concerning ex-the Deputy of the Russia’s Investigative Committee (SKR) has issued a resolution declaring him guilty under article 159 of the criminal code (fraud), and also on bringing to responsibility under part 3 of article 33 (types of accomplices — organizer) and part 1 of article 170.1 of the criminal code (organization of falsifying the unified state register of legal entities).

The day before, February 14, Boronenkov in interview to the Ukrainian edition censor.net (a resource is blocked on the territory of Russia) spoke about obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. The leader of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov comments RBC noted that the special control Commission of the party will check these messages. The next day, February 15, Boronenkov TFR announced in the Federal wanted list. Earlier, the Communist party talked about attempts to find his former Deputy, but its location was never established.

Wanted Deputy party initiated to verify the reports that Voronenkov testified against the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. According to the source “Kommersant”, the ex-Deputy testified against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, in respect of which in Kyiv are investigating a case of treason. Boronenkov, said in late January, the interlocutor of the edition, partly confirmed by the testimony of another former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev, who, in particular, spoke about the letter to Yanukovych with an appeal “to send troops to Ukraine”. According to Ponomarev, this letter influenced “the decision of the State Duma on the use of Russian Armed forces abroad.”

The interlocutor of “Kommersant” also said that Boronenkov “he took the initiative and came to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko”, and also did not rule out that “on the basis of this conversation Lutsenko brought Yanukovych of treason”.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko confirmed that appears earlier information that Voronenkov testified in the case of Yanukovych. According to the head of the Supervisory authority, testimony Boronenkov was “very important”, in particular, said Lutsenko, ex-the Deputy from the Communists spoke about the letter from the former Ukrainian leader to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in which asked “to send troops to Ukraine”.

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