From daring to PSG sudden “Rubin”. 5 the main sensations of the Champions League

Yesterday the French PSG in his field sensationally defeated the main favourite of League of Champions “Barcelona” with the score 4:0. recalls the other most amazing matches of the tournament over the past few years.

PSG — FC Barcelona 4:0

Season: 2016/2017

Initially, the PSG’s chances of reaching the next round was seen as minimal. Moreover, the bookies are believed Barcelona are the favorite, even in a single away match. After all, the Catalans are still the main contenders to win the Champions League this season, they passed the group stage. And PSG though has made it to the playoffs, finished bottom of their group in second place. And, despite the powerful lineup, can not grab the leadership in the championship of France.

But in the end, Unai emery, some years ago headed the Moscow “Spartak” completely outplayed his counterpart from Barcelona. High and aggressive pressing from PSG players have forged a Central midfield opponent. And as a result, until the main strike force of Barca: Messi, Neymar and Suarez the ball plainly did not reach. PSG had more possession, more interesting and varied attacked and before the second meeting created a giant backlog for reaching the quarter-finals.

Bayern — Barcelona 4:0

Season: 2012/2013

Again the playoffs of the Champions League, “Barcelona” and once again 0:4. But the failure of four years ago happened all the same on a much later stage than it is now — the semi-final. The similarity of the two devastating defeats with the same score and adds that in the spring of 2013 “Barcelona” as well as now was considered the main favorite to win the Champions League. The whole world waited in the final of the Spanish El Clasico: real Madrid — Barcelona. And the result was the German Der Klassiker involving FC Bayern münchen and Borussia Dortmund.

To stop the attack mercury “Barcelona” — an extremely difficult task, but Bayern managed to hold down center field. Iniesta and Xavi would not be able to deliver the ball to the attack line. And the offensive Bayern crushed the opposition’s defence with his pressure and power. It was expected that in the second leg Barcelona will be no pushovers and will suit the German Grand dressing. But the second meeting was a continuation of the first: the Catalans lost 0:3 and busted out of the tournament with a monstrous goal difference in two matches — 0:7.

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Bayern — Real Madrid 0:4

Season: 2013/2014

A year later, the situation is exactly repeated. Only now, in place of punching bags was itself “Bavaria”. The German club began the Champions League with the rank of holder of the trophy and was close to that for the first time in history to win the tournament two years in a row. In Madrid “real” has achieved a victory with the minimum score and everyone was waiting for the hot return bout in Munich.

In fact, Bayern were crushed with two quick goals by Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo were just not able to compete with real Madrid and to keep up with his speed. “Royal club” in that season in the end, achieved victory and won the Champions League for the first time since 2002.

Barcelona — Rubin 1:2

Season: 2009/2010

Miracles have happened in the matches with participation of Russian clubs. In the 2009/2010 season Rubin Kazan have played in the Champions League for the first time in its history and immediately landed in a difficult group with Barcelona, inter and Dynamo Kyiv. Suffice it to say that the tournament “inter” became the winner, and Barcelona got eliminated in the semi-finals. But with such a powerful lineup of rivals, “Rubin” Kurban Berdyev has won three heroic draws in his field. But the main sensation is in store for the away match with “Barcelona”.

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The one in spring 2009 he won the Champions League, which has shone Iniesta, Messi and Xavi from the PEP Gaurdiola blinded the command-dream. Rubin bravely defended at the camp Nou and scored two goals in counterattacks. Alas, this victory allowed the team of Kurban Berdyev to break through to the next round.

APOEL — Lyon 1:0

Season: 2011/2012

For the first time in the history of the Champions League in the knockout stage of the tournament broke a club from Cyprus. The country that never played one European Championships nor in world Cups and gave the world football, though less well-known players. And suddenly such a sensational and resounding success of the team, which was not expecting anything at all.

We chose our ranking for the return match of 1/8 final with Lyon, where APOEL won in regulation time, sent the game into overtime and eventually won on penalties. That game is the highest point in the history of the provincial Cypriot football. But APOEL admired football Europe not only in March 2012, but during the group stage. Cypriots took first place in its group. Although the opponents they came across an extremely unpleasant and very smooth: Zenit, Shakhtar and Porto.

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