Gold reserves in Russian banks grew by 2016, more than twice

What banks are for the poor and whether they are in Russia?

Last year, the gold reserves in the vaults of Russian banks increased to 69.8 tonnes (2.16 times). This follows from the reporting of credit institutions, reports RIA Novosti.

The leader on this indicator became VTB, its gold reserves increased to 45.5 tonnes (26.1 tons). In second place – savings Bank with the growth of precious metals by 8.9 tons, to 15.3. Closes the three leaders of FC “Opening”. Now its gold reserves reach 5.1 tons (an increase of 2.4 tons).

According to analysts, one of the reasons for the investments of Russian banks in the gold are fear of seizure of assets abroad resulting from the expansion of sanctions against Russia.

The trend of expanding the gold reserves shows the Central Bank of Russia. For 2016, the share of gold in international reserves, the regulator has increased from 13.2% to 15.9%. For comparison, on 1 January 2014 it amounted to 7.8%.

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