Head of Karelia has announced the resignation

Alexander Khudilainen

Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov / TASS

Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, who held the post since may 2013, announced its intention to prematurely retire. According to RBC, the most likely candidate to take his place the head of the Federal bailiff service Artur Parfenchikov

The head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen announced the early resignation, reports “Interfax”.

“I appealed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirov Putin about the early resignation of the head of Republic of Karelia,” — said the gun was recovered.

He added that at the Federal and regional level, “it takes a lot of work on personnel rotation”. The khudilainen has called his decision not to participate in presidential elections in the region in 2017, considered and deliberate decision. “We need to give the candidate the President to show themselves in the Republic of Karelia to offer the residents a dignified way of its development”, he concluded (quoted by TASS).

The khudilainen has held the position of head of Karelia since may 24, 2013. In February 2016, he became the first of heads of regions, who was reprimanded by the President for the failure of the program of resettlement of citizens from emergency housing.

As previously reported by RBC, the place Khudilainen must come to the head of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) Arthur Parfenchikov. A source inside the Ministry said that Parfenchikov “not going anywhere” and for him “this is all a bit sudden”.

Alexander Khudilainen was the fifth Governor of the region who left office since the beginning of February. Since the beginning of February have left their positions several of the heads of regions of Russia. 6 Feb resignation was announced by the head of the Perm region Viktor Basargin, for his place was appointed head of the Moscow Department of economic policy Maxim Reshetnikov. On the following day resigned the head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn. February 13, announced the resignation of the head of the Novgorod region Sergey Mitin.

It became known yesterday that on the early resignation was announced by the Governor of Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev, and President Vladimir Putin predlozhil to take the Deputy to Nikolai Lyubimov.

14 resignation of several governors commented Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He explained the resignation of the governors of the normal rotation and urged not to look at them “some kind of undercover processes”.

Who are the governors could face resignation

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