In Krasnodar from a burning high-rise buildings were evacuated almost 400 people

In Krasnodar introduced a state of local emergency in the district where the lights of a six-story residential building, reports a press-service of city administration.

The fire occurred at about 17:55 Moscow time in an apartment house along the street Prokofiev, 3, where about 500 people. About 400 people were evacuated.

The fire is not lit. How to receive compensation in case of fire in the house

Burns the top, sixth, floor (attic). The burning area exceeds fifteen thousand square metres, fire has increased, the third rank of complexity.

The house is located in an area of very dense housing, reports from the scene correspondent Aify Alexander Vlasenko. The area of emergency is surrounded by police. About the cause of the fire is still unknown.

According to SU TFR for the Krasnodar Krai, in the course of extinguishing the fire was discovered the body of the deceased. Conducted pre-investigation checks. Currently, information about victims is specified, the fire continues.

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