In Russia for the first time in 2017 recorded zero weekly inflation

The consumer price index in Russia for the week ended 13 February, remained unchanged, according to Rosstat.

State-saving. Why real inflation is higher than the official?

These, for the first time since the beginning of the year recorded zero weekly inflation. Since the beginning of February the index was 0.1% YTD 0.7 percent.

Leaders in price growth last week steel butter (0,4%), cheese (0,3%), milk, sour cream and cheese (0,2%).

At the same time registered a decline in sugar prices (0.9 per cent), buckwheat (0,7%), pork and eggs (0.4 percent).

In addition, 0.1% fell hot and cold water supply, the prices of other utilities remained unchanged. The prices for automobile fuel grew on average by 0.1%.

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