Involved in the case of the withdrawal of 29 billion rubles of Mezhprombank complained to the DIA

Dmitry Amunts

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The defence for the accused to withdraw funds from Mezhprombank appealed to the leadership of the DIA with the request to reconsider the case and decide whether to insist on the recovery of RUB 28.5 bln. with the helper

Protection eks-the Deputy Minister of culture Dmitry Amenca, which passes in quality accused on the case of the withdrawal of nearly 29 billion from the International industrial Bank (MPB), complained to the head of the Agency for Deposit insurance, Yuri Isaev.

The appeal, which was prepared by the lawyer, Igor Pastukhov, was lodged in the expedition ASV 9 February, a copy of the document with a mark about registration is at the disposal of RBC. Pastukhov writes that in the “BCH”, the Agency has formulated its position based on “the credibility of the allegations of the investigation.” Also, the DIA was not “independently evaluate the validity of claims” SCR. For this reason, the lawyer asks to perform information about the investigation, stated in the appeal, and to consider what should be the position of the DIA in this case and whether the Agency to maintain claims to Umuntu to recover from his RUB 28.5 bln.

ASV is the only victim in this criminal case. Charges of “misappropriation or embezzlement in especially large size” (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code) were brought against the former Senator from Tuva and the main beneficiary of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev, the ex-Chairman of the Board of MPB Alexander Didenko and Amountso that from 2004 to 2008 he held the post of Deputy Minister of culture, after which he headed the company “OPK development” of Pugachev.

According to the TFR, they disguised unsecured loan obtained by Mezhprombank by the Central Bank in October 2008, deposits that “OPK development”, first posted in the BCH, and then withdrew. This was made contracts deposits and documents their subsequent renewal. Investigators believe the fraudulent deposits, and all contracts for them — the prisoners retroactively. In December 2008 — January 2009 Amunts, according to the materials of the case sent to Mezhprombank letters of termination of contracts and recovery of money on account of the “OPK development”. Then Pugachev transferred these funds to its controlled companies, and they are listed 28,7 billion rubles to the accounts of Cypriot Safelight Enterprises Limited.

In the appeal addressed to Isayev protection of Amenca indicates that the Deposit contracts were not false, and the “OPK development” has withdrawn from BCH’s own funds, which were previously obtained from VTB as a credit. The position of the investigation protection explains the “misunderstanding by the investigators of the peculiarities of functioning of the banking system.” Pastukhov says that DIA “under pressure from the investigator” was sent to the TFR statement about the possible existence in the actions of management of Bank of signs of a crime.

As pointed out by the protection of Amenca, lawyers never argued that “Pugachev did not commit embezzlement of funds of the BCH”. On the contrary, the lawyers noted that the inspection reports of the Central Bank and the DIA had indicated the operation was “related to the withdrawal of funds from BCH in favor of Pugachev”. “The defense is confident that the theft of Pugachev not committed in the circumstances specified in the charges Amountso the accusation,” — the statement says.

Amunts and Didenko were arrested in August 2014. Didenko in late 2014 made a deal with the investigation and in July 2015 he received three years probation. Two months later, the Moscow city court when considering the appeal at the request of the Prosecutor’s office changed the time on the real. The case against Amunra now being heard at the Tverskoy court in the near future the parties will proceed to debate. Pugachev left Russia for the last few years living in France.

The license of the BCH was withdrawn in October 2010, a month later the Bank was declared bankrupt. The Central Bank then said that the Bank led the risky policy and provided false statements. The check, which analysts of the regulator is held in the MPB, showed that the Bank has given 114 “technical companies” 226 unsecured loans of more than 125 billion rubles.

The TFR did not respond to a request RBC.

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