The court arrested the colleague of Colonel Zakharchenko

Basmanny court of Moscow

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

Employee anti-corruption Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Astafurov, who is charged with abuse of office, will go into custody on charges of illegal development billionaire Andrei Komarov.

Basmanny court of Moscow on Wednesday evening, February 15, arrested a senior security officer of anti-corruption Central Directorate of interior Ministry Sergei Astafurov, who is charged with abuse of office (part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code) in the course of rapid development in the case of businessman Andrei Komarov. Astafurov arrested until April 14. Such a decision on the petition of the investigation was made by judge Arthur Karpov, the correspondent of RBC from the courtroom.

In the production of the Central apparatus of the TFR is the case against Astafurova and unidentified persons, announced at the meeting, the investigator Khudyakov. They are accused under the item “in” parts of 3 articles 286 of the criminal code of abuse of authority. According to investigators, they are aiding the Director of “Promresurs” Vladimir Spiridonov. The victims in the case are Astafurova businessman Andrei Komarov and his lawyer Shibanov. The charge is based on the testimony of victims and witnesses by the name of Demidov, he Astafurov pleaded not guilty. He faces up to 10 years in prison, said the investigator.

In his opinion, the status of police officer can help Astafurova to affect other defendants in the case, or to escape. According to him, the investigation is not able to elect him a measure not involving deprivation of liberty.


Earlier, a source of RBC, close to law enforcement agencies, and three source familiar with the investigation, announced the arrest of two employees Guebipk. Astafurov worked in the office “T” of the Central Board (deals with crimes in the fuel and energy sector), but he is charged with actions that he committed during the period of work in the management of “M” (is engaged in crimes in sphere of mechanical engineering). It could go on provocation of a bribe in the case of the owner of the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant (CHTPZ) Andrei Komarov, said the interlocutors RBC.

In March 2014 Andrey Komarov and his lawyer Alexander Shibanov were detained while trying to bribe the employee of Federal state unitary enterprise “Promresurs”, who learned about the irregularities in the receipt budget of almost 1.8 billion rubles. one of the CHTPZ-controlled companies, reported TFR. This amount, according to investigators, the structure of the tube holding unreasonably received in 2011. To hide it, Komarov and his lawyer tried to bribe the official, proposing a $300 thousand guilty defendants not guilty. The case was dismissed in February 2016 in connection with “absence of crime”, told RBC lawyer Rustam Kurmaev Komarov.

The interlocutors of RBC familiar with the investigation, claimed that the investigation could be terminated because the lawyers were able to prove that officials and law enforcement agencies provoked the entrepreneur for a bribe. Control “T” was previously headed by Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, he was arrested on 10 September 2016.

He was accused of receiving a bribe, abuse of power and obstruction of the preliminary investigation. During the search in the apartment of the Colonel was more than $120 million and €2 million the Colonel Himself at the same time stated that it has to do with the money is irrelevant.

At the end of January the management “T” has been eliminated. The first arrests in the Chapter began exactly three years ago — in February 2014. Then, on the accusation of provocation of bribes and organizing a criminal group arrested the former leaders of the Guebipk Denis Sugrobov, Borys Kolesnikov and a dozen officers.

According to the prosecution, officers of the Central Board fabricated criminal cases against officials and businessmen to extort bribes from them and to achieve “favourable conditions for controlled legal entities and entrepreneurs”. Kolesnikov has committed suicide in June 2014, jumping from the window of a building of the Investigative Committee after questioning. The case Sugrobov and his subordinates considering the Moscow city court, April 14, he will announce the officers sentence.

Prosecutors asked for the defendants from 5 to 22 years in prison. Another case is being investigated in relation to two of the field investigators of management “B” (for budget offences) by Sergei Abramov and Alexander Sobol. The plot of the charges is similar to what impute Astafurova; according to investigators, the officers exceeded the authority under the rapid development of businessman Sergey Pokhilyuk and former concert Director of the group “Earthlings”, which was accused of trying to sell a place in the leadership of the party “United Russia”, the founder of QIWI Andrey Romanenko.

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