The project “South stream” can be resumed attache

The international project of gas pipeline “South stream”, which was suspended at the end of 2014, could resume, according to the attaché of Russia’s trade in Bulgaria Igor Ilingin.

Was nothing, became everything. A pipeline advantageous to Russia, the southern or Turkish?

According to RIA Novosti, held in Varna business forum Ilingin said that “South stream” will probably be implemented. At that, the officer remembered the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia wanted “concrete guarantees” guarantee Bulgaria, only then will it become possible to resume the project.

In addition, Russian investors are interested in and other great projects concerning the port of Varna. According to Igor Ilingin, at the moment the port due to its location, is a good source of profit.

Recall that in the framework of the project “South stream” is planned to construct a gas pipeline under the Black sea through Bulgaria to Europe. In December 2014 because of the position of the European Commission, Russia stopped the project.

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