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In the economic block of the government, there is a consensus on the need to reduce taxes on labour. As one of the major payment options discusses the VAT increase, said the source “Vedomosti”

The Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin was made by the ideologist of the tax maneuver to restart economic growth, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the four Federal officials.

The main proposals of the Minister — the reduction of taxes on labour, thus falling budget revenues proposed to offset indirect taxes. Oreshkin, according to the interlocutor of the edition as a whole, supports the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. However, the latest, the source said “cautious” because of a revenue shortfall of extrabudgetary funds will have to compensate from the Federal budget.

Considered several options for maneuver: to reduce insurance premiums up to 21% and increase VAT to 21%, as well as options “20/22”, “22/22”, “21/22”. The final decision, as told by the interlocutors of the newspaper, not yet.

According to another source, on Monday, February 13, Oreshkin told the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov on ways to restart economic growth, he called the maneuver in taxes, support of exports, extension of tax incentives for innovative companies, measures to combat poverty, proposals for personal income tax.

The newspaper cited calculations by Alexandra Suslina of the Economic expert group, on which all options lead to the loss of income: if “21/21” falls to 682 billion rubles in comparison with the current legislation, “22/22”, 180 billion in “20/22” — 600 billion, with “21/22” — 400 billion.

One of the Federal officials said that those proposals have not passed, interdepartmental coordination, that will go into the government plan — “the big question”. In his opinion, even if the tax burden reduced, businesses will not increase investment without growth prospects.

As previously wrote RBC, on January 14 during the discussion “the New tax policy of Russia: what changes do we expect in 2018?” on the last day of the Gaidar forum at Ranepa, the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the tax system change does not involve a tax increase. The question how to reduce the budget deficit, he gave two of the older prescription: improving tax collection and reducing inefficient costs.

In December of 2016 during the annual press conference President Vladimir Putin said that the new tax system, which will begin operating in Russia in 2018, should last at least four years. Meanwhile, Putin recalled that in 2018, ending a moratorium on changes in the tax system introduced in 2014. Then the government decided not to raise taxes on business and, despite the “various proposals” agencies, this did not happen, he said. Moreover, the authorities introduced “a whole set of” preferential treatment for small and medium enterprises, said Putin.

Now, towards the end of the moratorium, the government together with experts and the business community should prepare measures for the tax system, the President said.

1 Dec 2016 address to the Federal Assembly, Putin said that new ideas on taxes should be considered as early as 2017, a year later, should make the necessary amendments to the laws, and in 2019 they should start to act.

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