Chronic gastritis is a wasp waist. How not to lose weight

You week do not eat after six, and step on the scale, found that was okay? Tested folk remedies lose weight, but to get into your favorite jeans and could not? Studied the length and breadth of the book fashion of a nutritionist, but the effect was not achieved? Most likely, your chosen recipe weight loss does not work. The author of the system of self-improvement “Minus 60” Catherine Mirimanova told about the most common techniques and tips that will not help you become slimmer.

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Tip # 1: Lemon and soda

Some are still seriously discussing this recipe as a way to lose weight. Although the only thing you really can achieve using this combination of products to combat excess weight — chronic gastritis.

Tip # 2: do Not eat after 18:00

This is complete nonsense. Especially if you’re sweeping all that comes in sight, up to 18 hours — it will not help. It is important to eat right and to six in the evening, then your chances of losing weight increase significantly.

Tip # 3: Light mayonnaise and cream

You understand that no matter how easy these products may be, they contain huge amount of fat, therefore it is not necessary to amuse itself empty hopes.

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Tip # 4: Mono

Eat buckwheat or rice for two weeks and lose weight! Will you lose weight if soak mode, but then come the inevitable retribution. Your body will start to replenish, and you will gain back even plus go into. In addition, such a diet slows down the metabolism, so, the next time to lose weight will be much harder.

Tip # 5: low-Fat dairy products

They are not only not useful but even harmful, because with them you don’t get calcium from low-fat products it just does not digest. A deficiency of this element after 40-50 years threatened women with osteoporosis.

Tip # 6: “Zero” foods without the calories

It is neither a “zero” products, especially products with negative calories. Of course, if you eat only celery or pineapples, you have a chance to lose weight, however, with one caveat: again, having made himself gastritis. In addition, once you return to the normal menu, then the events will develop in the same way as in the case of mono-diet.

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Tip # 7: Drink more juice

Juices you can drink, it is possible, but not necessary. However, they should only be fresh and in moderation. They have no fiber — an important part of vegetables and fruits, which is lost upon preparation of the drink — therefore they stimulate the production of gastric juice, that is exacerbate the feeling of hunger.

Tip # 8: Protein diet

In the early nineties they were called vouchers to the light. Because they negatively act on internal organs. This does not mean that you will die if you adhere to them. This means that you can cause exacerbation of diseases of kidneys, for example. Is it worth the risk?

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