Fun with death. Why for likes kids ready for anything

Other for likes to undress and spread his naked frail body to the network. The third one killed, as it happened near Vorkuta. Fifth graders killed the man just to prove their worth to members of the group “anime-killers” on the Internet. How to stop kids crazy?

The head of Roskomnadzor: logical to control the point of entry of the Internet in the country

Run or die are to blame?

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova has addressed in police with a request to strengthen measures aimed at preventing minors safe behavior on the road.

The children’s Ombudsman is concerned that the promotion of deadly games, in particular “Run or die”, through social networks can lead to the rise of real tragedies. In this regard parents, teachers and the drivers are sent out warnings and requests to conduct explanatory conversations with the children.

The regional branch of the traffic police in response to requests from the public are still very cautious comment on the situation, but promise to be vigilant and to check all cases of involvement of children in road accident in connection with the game. Meanwhile, savvy advertisers and marketers shamelessly took advantage of the surge of interest in adolescent dangerous amusements for the sake of promoting their products. In Krasnoyarsk on supermarket shelves appeared gum with the slogan “start game” and commit dangerous acts. “What exactly have to do before you die?” – asks the inscription on the package of chewing gum. And offers to share a response in the Network.

The moderators of suicide. Who decides to live or die a particular teenager?

“Run or die” was not a reality until the adults were not hyped the story, – said Leonid Armer, the head of the project “Youth security service”, the psychologist. – Now, I began to write people that increasingly notice near the traffic lights of a group of giggling schoolchildren, who run across the road and shoot it on video. Most children, before they were told about this game from all radio and TV sets, its existence is not known. But they were quickly enlightened teachers on class hours, lessons. And the guys thought: “Damn! Good badges”. In the current open information society it is impossible to completely block such things. Also, on parental fear, to some extent hyped, and the “group of death”.

Whoever was to blame, but the problem definitely exists. And, of course, it is better to talk once more with the child than to silence the problem. We have asked many children, participated in “game of death”: “Why?” The answer was: “Boring, and there is at least something happening”. Conclusion: children need to play. It is necessary to create alternative versions of the game tasks in the real world and the virtual. Only in a positive way”.

“#Whales” and “#avigra”. Hashtags, dangerous for children

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Expert opinion

Peter Dmitrievsky, the psychologist:

Leaders of dangerous groups on the Internet playing on the desire of children to be special, to do something unusual and gambling. But this excitement can end innocent, and can have irreversible consequences. And some teenagers that really do not understand.

As parents notice that the child is in a risk group of social networks?

1. Irrational behaviour change. Was calm, became nervous. Or was aggressive, cocky, and was deliberately polite.

2. Sleep disturbance: drowsiness, or, conversely, insomnia.

3. Normally outgoing teenager becomes withdrawn.

The epidemic of “whales”. How to protect children from the “group of death”?

4. Dismissive attitude to their appearance: the son or daughter ceases to wash, brush teeth, dressed slovenly.

5. Publication on the page of dark images or quotes related to the death.

6. The apparent slow rate of speech, monotony.

7. Actions that can be interpreted as goodbye: unusual talk about love to parents, gifting favorite things friends.

What are children at risk?

At risk – children who are not taught or did not create sufficient conditions for self-realization, creativity, mischief. Some teenagers are especially a lot of bubbling excitement and passion – they need to be familiar with “extreme”, but safe activities: climbing wall, go-karting, paintball, a section of struggle. Suicidal thoughts more frequently on children who have not developed the skill of seeking help.

How to respond to the mailing list about such groups and dangerous game?

Test yourself, how long have you been in a casual conversation. If a long time is to plan something together naughty, nice. Let the hype will be an occasion to talk and admit what an important place the son or daughter is in your heart.

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