In Vladivostok, a woman hit a group of pedestrians

The woman behind the wheel of a Toyota Cami hit a group of people on a pedestrian crossing on the island of Russian in Vladivostok.

Whether punished the priest who drunk staged a mass accident in Rostov?

As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorye territory, 46-year-old woman, not stopping at a red light, made arrival on group of people crossing the carriageway. Resulting in three people were injured, two of them were taken to hospital with injuries.

“News: Primorye” has published on its YouTube channel in the video, which shows how a woman knocks down pedestrians. The driver, for whatever reason, does not stop at a red light and knocks down a group of people.

According to police, the culprit of the accident got the rights in 2003 and the car was bought February 14, 2017. Currently being investigated all the circumstances of the incident.

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