TEST: How your daughter interacts with society?

How many friends your daughter?

a) No real is 9 points.

b) All her friends — the boys — 10 points.

C) One and a long time ago — 7 points.

g) Several — 0 points.

d) it Seems the whole class and the whole yard — 1 point.

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Asking your daughter to buy her, for example, a hairpin or a phone, like a friend?

a) It happens all the time — 5 points.

b) from time to Time — 7 points.

C) If the team thing is considered “cool” — 0 points.

d) Never — 4 points.

d) the Daughter herself is the object of imitation of friends — 10 points.

Anyone who writes off?

a) With my daughter are friends due to the fact that it gives deduct 5 points.

b) the Daughter is friends with the girls who can deduct 1 point.

C) they Have it in a circle occurs: one memorized and the rest written off — 0 points.

g) she has no (or few) friends due to the fact that you can’t give 3 points.

d) It’s their secrets, wouldn’t tell you! — 7 points.

Like other people — teachers, family friends — speak about your daughter?

a) Modest — 0 points.

b) character — 10 points.

C) Normal — 3 points.

g) Active — 5 points.

d) Tricky — 2 points.

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You invite friends daughter to visit?

a) Always and in large quantities — 2 points.

b) On holidays — 0 points.

in) And unless they are not enough to communicate school time? — 5 points.

d) Prefer that it went to them — 3 points.

d) I would invite, Yes, but I’m not committed 8 points.

Daughter is changing her friends toys, things?

a) Yes, he gives his boring — 10 points.

b) That they are constantly and mutually — 4 points.

C) is required to solicit and receive, if it is something like a friend — 0 points.

g) to enjoy all the things girlfriends — 2 points.

d) she is constantly begging for, and it only gives 5 points.

You and your daughter going somewhere, and suddenly a friend calls her with an offer to spend time together. How goes your daughter?

a) Invite her to go with us — 0 points.

b) would Be to ask a friend — 5 points.

a) will Agree to meet with her at another time — 1 point.

d) to suffer and to question, in the end, with a broken spirit do as I say 3 points.

d) it depends on which of the proposed activities it was interesting for her: to go with my mom or spend time with a friend — 8 points.

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Summarize points and review conclusions.

From 63 to 51: a socially independent type. She is now a feminist. Remind your daughter that the girl should try to be gentle and charming, and not “battle-ax”.

From 50 to 35: the responsible type. Despite the external restraint, considers himself responsible for all the events in the lives of friends and loved ones, the first rushes to the rescue. Not able to set boundaries between themselves and other people. Cultivate in her a sense of dignity and self-worth.

From 34 to 22: elusive type. More protected from society than trying to get along with him. So polite, compliant. But deep inside hides and their potential and their talents, and their knowledge about life. It is learning to be more courageous in dialogue, to defend their opinion.

21 to 10: plastic types. Perfectly adapts to changing circumstances, good sense of team spirit. If necessary, cunning and resourceful. It will be good if you will tell daughter that without openness and frankness of true friendship will not work.

9 or less: dependent type. Such people think that without society and friends, he literally will not survive. For the approval of “his” he will make any sacrifice and even humiliation. Constantly emphasize the value of the individual daughter, convince her own strength and talent enough to be successful and happy.

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