The territory of the reserve “Kolomenskoye” will reduce to the construction of the metro

Park “Kolomenskoe” in Moscow

Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Two sections of the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” will give for the construction of the second ring of the Moscow metro. The line will pass under the Park and the Moscow river. At the new site will build four stations

In the project plan section of the Third interchange circuit, or the second ring from the metro station “Kashirskaya” to “Nizhny Novgorod street”, stated that part of the reserve “Kolomenskoye” will be removed two plots with a total area of 0.34 ha. as compensation, the city authorities will increase the area of greenspace in the same area. In addition, plots of the same area will withdraw from the composition of the natural complex “Valley of the Poor”, they will place the ventilation kiosks. As compensation on Meadow drive will be a square.

Environmentalist Vladimir Slivyak said in a conversation with RBC that natural areas in Metropolitan areas are of special value as whole systems, the withdrawal of such lands under economic activity is a dangerous principle. “As a rule, is an economic issue. Change the project worth the money to go round more expensive. But in this case it makes no sense to set the protection status of natural areas,” said Slivyak.

The construction sector Third interchange complex, which will take place including under the lands of the reserve, will affect more than 80 hectares At this site will build four stations: “Maple Avenue”, “Nagatinsky Zaton”, “Printers”, “textile workers”. The passenger traffic of the site shall be not less than 1.2 million people a day, will transfer the line to the Biryulevo and New Moscow. The construction will spend 67,4 billion rubles to run the trains is planned in 2019. In 2015 the project public hearings were held in six districts, they took part 359.

In a press-service of the Moscow architecture Committee explained RBC that the project has passed anti-corruption expertise and is being coordinated. On-site “Kolomna” plans to place “objects of the activities of the underground”.

The third interchange circuit — second ring of the metro, which will enable passengers to remote areas to transfer to other lines, before reaching the Ring line. The average time of travel estimated by the city authorities, should be reduced to 20 minutes. On the TPU is planned to build 30 stations. The first section from the “Business center” to “Petrovsky Park” was supposed to run in 2016, but the opening was postponed for a year. The second interchange circuit of the metro called the Moscow ring road — railway line transfers on the subway, which was launched in 2016. “Kolomenskoe” — state historical-architectural and natural landscape reserve in the South of Moscow, the former residence of the Russian tsars. First mentioned in written sources in the FOURTEENTH century. Famous objects of nature reserve — the Church of the ascension and Church of the beheading of John the Baptist, built in the XVI century. Kolomenskoye Museum was founded in 1923.

Park “Kuskovo”

Another city Park, which will be reduced due to transport of construction — Kuskovo in the East of the city. The construction of the North-East Expressway suggests that the Park area will decrease by 12 hectares. the project provoked protests from environmentalists. In early December, at a meeting of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has promised to understand a situation. Two days before the New year in the Park began felling trees, during which several people were arrested.

The HRC member Evgeny Bobrov told RBC that in December received a reply from the Prosecutor of Moscow in which it was written that the grounds for intervention of the Supervisory body in the situation of “Kuskovo” is not. According to Bobrov, at the cutting site already put support for future flyovers. Council members intend to appeal to the Patriarchy because the project Expressway could threaten the 300-year-old temple.


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